OCTOBER 20, 2008 – Monterey

Last week I visited Monterey CA and surrounding areas for an OLdweeb speed (slow) caching vacation. The weather was flawless and I enjoyed a full day of hiking in Jack’s Peak County Park overlooking Monterey Bay. Without a map, getting to caches was hit and miss on the extensive and convoluted hiking trail system. I found 15 of the 16 caches that I reached. This was my first experience caching in a dense pine forest. Coords bounced at times but geosense prevailed.
typical ocean view from Jack's Peak County Park
Jack’s Peak County Park: typical ocean view

The next day was spent north in the cities of Sand City, Seaside and Marina. Caching there took me to deserted agricultural roads, sand dune hiking, the outskirts of an abandoned military base (Fort Ord) and some regular urban finds.
GCE66 - SandLots (Marina, CA)
GCE55 – SandLots: The cache is in there!

The next morning was spent at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the afternoon was devoted to a miles long caching beach walk. I was disappointed that so many of the caches there were disabled or underwater scuba hides. The owner of Puff Ball (GCVYPC) deleted my DNF log because I mentioned that GZ was being used as an outdoor toilet. I guess that she didn’t think that, “most canines don’t use toilet paper,” was funny.GCNR3B - Kashta's Rock  (Pacific Grove, CA)
GCNR3B – Kashta’s Rock: High tide. I couldn’t reach the cache.

Night fell on my walk back to the hotel. No problem. I stopped for takeout at a non-chain Mexican restaurant and watched the full moon rise over the bay.
Moon over Monterey BayMoon over Monterey Bay

I walked around and picked off a few caches before, between and after the expeditions described above. I had a great 1/2 + 3 + 1/2 days on vacation. I found only 48 caches but they were almost all well maintained, quality hides. NONE were in filthy vegetation as is common in Southern California.
work_or_play“I’m here for vacation, not work. Really!!”


3 Responses to OCTOBER 20, 2008 – Monterey

  1. tom4props says:

    Great set up. I always bring my laptop, GPSr, PDA and camera. You’ve even got a printer with you… Wow!

  2. Richard N6UZS says:

    I was planning on visiting Monterey and Jacks Peak after GW6 this year but had to cancel due to the fires back then. Thanks for posting pix. I will definitely have to put this back on my To-Do List.

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