OCTOBER 27, 2008 – Burbank & Riverside

The last weekend of the month was spent caching in Burbank on Saturday and in Riverside on Sunday. Inexplicably my brain never kicked into gear and I didn’t take a single picture. I won’t let that happen again. Anyway…

Burbank: Mega cacher f0t0m0m (Jim) hid 17 new “numbers” caches surrounding the The Nose Knows! lunch event. I found 13 of them while passing through the area and poking my head into the event for less than a minute. A difficulty 4 cache (not Jim’s) in the same area A Royal Summons was too hard for me. It appears to be in front of a Chinese restaurant inside an old English phonebooth, à la Dr. Who. I climbed all over the inside and even used a telescopic mirror to no avail. Good luck to you if you go look for it.

Riverside: Trail of Terror 5 This is my favorite annual caching event. 40+ new Halloween themed caches are placed along a flat paved 5 mile bike path (the previous year’s caches are archived just before). A pot luck lunch in the middle counts as a separate event. Every year I meet geofriends new and old on the path and never fail to have a great time. I highly recommend this event.
– – –

STUFF: I’ve been asked by several cachers how my magnetic bison tube caches are made. mag_bison2
3/4″ shrink tubing (4′ strip) is from Fry’s. The glue is from Walmart. The bison tube & neodymium magnet are from eBay. The penny is shown for scale.

Unscrew the top of the bison tube, remove the rubber gasket and set them both aside. Cut off an inch of the tubing and put it aside also. Put a drop of glue on the magnet and stick it on the bottom half of the bison tube. The glue is only to keep the magnet from falling off. It doesn’t need to dry at this point. Place the cut piece of shrink tubing around the tube 1/2 and magnet.

Hold everything CAREFULLY over the heat source. I use 2 non-magnetic screwdrivers as chopsticks. Be careful NOT to burn the tubing. The glue smells flammable but it’s never caught fire in my experience. I’ve also been told that neodymium magnets lose their power if heated. That hasn’t happened for me. As tempting as it’ll be, DON’T TOUCH the shrunken tube/magnet until it’s completely cooled!! Have fun.


3 Responses to OCTOBER 27, 2008 – Burbank & Riverside

  1. ThudpUCKer says:

    Now I know your secret. I will not tell anybody. Promise.

  2. tom4props says:

    You were telling me about this on the Mission Point hike. The picture and description here are great. Thanks!
    – Tom

  3. That’s an interesting way to do it. I’ve been using hot glue on the magnet and the ring at the top. It works pretty well, except the glue can come off after a long time. I’ll have to check this out. Fry’s is only 5 minutes away…


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