NOVEMBER 3, 2008 – Mission Point

On Saturday Don_J, tozainamboku, BWidget, robb_dogg, tom4props, Wedge+1 & I went to check on 15 caches in/near the Sesnon fire burn zone. We car shuttled to Northbound & Down (GC13B4Z). Despite a NWS thunderstorm alert, we started hiking up the hill.

Tozainamboku’s cache, Your Are My Sunshine (GC189BX) though well outside the burn perimeter, was gone! The covering vegetation had been cleared to protect the telephone pole. The large ammo can cache is probably now a firefighter’s tool box. marty_muggled
Cache owner tozainamboku dismayed at missing cache.

Another cache suffered the same fate. But only 1 of the 15 was burned. Mine!! Mission Point (GC345A) gc345a
Deprived of cover, the remains of my ammo can were muggled.

Up until this point there’d been a few sprinkles but no real rain. We saw some weird and wonderful clouds.vortex1
An aircraft carrier was once sucked through a similar one.
The Final Countdown

clouds_2Toward Hollywood and Los Angeles.

We eventually spotted a monstrously dense rain cell headed straight for us. We couldn’t outrun it so we didn’t try. It caught us with the heaviest rainfall I’ve ever seen. The huge drops flew at us almost horizontally. Fortunately this lasted only a few minutes. Even better, the ground, parched by years of drought, sucked up all the water so that there was a minimum of mud on our descent to the Neon Way cul-de-sac, the end of our hike.

descentIt’ll be all green in a few months.

We had a great time, placed 10 new caches and got our exercise.


2 Responses to NOVEMBER 3, 2008 – Mission Point

  1. tom4props says:

    Great new blog Ken! That was really a fun hike. I’m so glad I was there!
    – Tom

  2. Robb says:

    It was a great day. Thanks for being a part of it. Looking forward to more hikes and reading posts on the blog.

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