NOVEMBER 10, 2008 – (the former) Ahmanson Ranch

Finally, I had a free Saturday with no obligations or time limits! So I zoomed off to turn 9 annoyingly closeby green boxes into smileys.

Starting at the Las Virgenes trailhead I hiked a 7.0 mile counter clockwise loop between Las Virgenes & Cheesboro Cyn Ridge roads.

After an uneventful beginning, I started getting hit in the face and head by flying insects. I was zoned out and didn’t notice that they were bees until maybe the 10th one or so. Then I remembered that bees bump their targets as a precursor to attacking in swarms. So I sped up as fast as possible without running and resisted the urge to start swatting. After 400′ the bees began to thin out and by the next cache they were completely absent. I probably dodged a bullet.

Three unfound caches were inside the loop, an area which is almost completely overgrown by dry brush. Two side hikes on a network of animal ‘trails’ got me to all 3. Getting onto the correct ‘trails’ can be confusing so I placed a new cache to serve as a guidepost:
Ahmanson Wormhole Beacon (GCHZM8)gchazm81
If you see this, you’re not lost.

The last time I was in the area sitting was impossible because red ants were everywhere. Scanning carefully, this time I saw none and sat down to sign a log book and to take in the view of Cheesboro Canyon. As I pushed off to stand again I put my hand in a previously unnoticed cowpie. At least it was dry, mostly. Thank (insert diety) for alcohol wipes. Oddly enough, the last signature on the log was “Bovine.” Moooo!!

On Sunday I checked in on my 78 year old dad. I drove him around and between errands we looked for 3 caches and found 2. Then I remembered to confirm something that I THOUGHT I’d seen on a previous drive by:no_licensia
Can I assume that insurance isn’t a big issue at this used car lot?

RANT: No matter what your politics, immigration status or position on social issues, this should be scarey!! If “no licencia” buyers are driving the cars themselves they’re endangering everyone, even their own familias. I’m going to avoid the area. (e-mail me if you want to know where)

STUFF: Have you ever walked by a Mexican-style hotdog vendor’s pushcart and smelled the aroma of fried, bacon-wrapped big dogs topped with deepfried onions, serrano chiles and sauces? Well, I finally took the plunge in the parking lot of the 99 Cent Store at Sherman Way & DeSoto. For $5. I got 2 neatly wrapped dogs with everything, to go. (order==> dos con todo para llavar) Having no idea whether or not such vendors are regulated or if they adhere to food safety standards, I half expected salmonella and/or stomach problems. But no, the food tasted as delicious as it smelled and I was fine. If fact I’ve gone back twice. He’s there only in the late afternoons & early evenings. Go ahead, broaden your food horizons (and narrow your arteries).


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