NOVEMBER 24, 2008 – Simi Valley

Residents of Simi Valley (Simians?) might chafe at the term “urban” caching when applied to their area. But since forums, blogs and logs generally seem to divide all caching into only “urban” or “hiking,” urban is what I did before the Saturday Pizza Night event.

Don_J and I had an unpromising start in the extreme west end of Simi. The caches on Madera Rd, a high-speed divided road with no sidewalks, no stopping and no parking were simply inaccessible by car or on foot. I think that using a bicycle is the only reasonable way to log any points there.

By now it was too hot for the short but steep mini-hike caches in the area. So instead we zig zagged our way through west and central Simi, crossed paths with several cacher friends and found about 25 mostly park & grabs. Thanks to Ginger, Retrofit and Showstop for placing the majority of them. Urban caching pictures aren’t scenic. But here are some that are representative of the day’s fun:

WELCOME TO THE SIMI VALLEY TOWN CENTER (GC1JADP): I was happy to see that the big sign read “Town Center” instead of the pretentious “Towne Centre.” Don & I had given up when Garagedude (Jack) & Shirconn (Shirley) arrived.
112108_garagedude Jack quickly found the cache.

urban jungle: We found a very well constructed and nicely placed (subscriber-only) cache here.
The tumbleweed was REALLY 4’ x 6’ and almost ran over me.

a different urban jungle: Feeling for the cache, I accidentally picked up a slimey snail.112108_urban_jungle_2

MORE LONELY – (GC1C3CH): Me & f0t0m0m at yet another vegetation hide. EMC found the cache in a few minutes and saved the day.112108_filthy_vegetation
At least here, it wasn’t wet and the dust & pollen weren’t too bad.

We encountered a giant insectoid cache here. It was slightly less frightening than the ones on Starship Troopers:
112108_holy_insectoidsIt was a 100′ “hike” from parking.

Before finishing our cache run and going to eat pizza, I had to address something I saw on my last trip to Simi:
Contrary to popular belief, I’m from Los Angeles – and- I don’t own this restaurant either!! (:-P)


One Response to NOVEMBER 24, 2008 – Simi Valley

  1. P.J. says:

    Ya know, there’s a place in this world for every kind of cache out there. I pretty much like ’em all and what I really like is with such diversity, you can always find something that fits how you are feeling that day!

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