DECEMBER 8, 2008 – Silverlake

Pre-holiday commitments kept my caching to a minimum this weekend. I found a few caches in the Silverlake district before attending a nearby pizza event Calling All Knights (and Ladies)!! (GC1HJDW).

Even by my standards, the area was very hardcore urban.
A cache is within 50’ of where I stood to take this choatic picture.

RANT: And speaking of urban caching, I’ve encountered a non-PC phenomenon enough times (all in downtown L.A.) that I’ve given it a name: “ABM” for Angry Black Man. The most memorable one was upset that a cachemobile in which I was a passenger was moving too slowy. We WERE too slow. We were deciding on our next destination. After swerving around and ahead, he stopped, blocked our car, got out and ran at us yelling. Our driver had the good sense to back up faster and escape.

As a solo cacher more than one ABM I’ve run into thought I was doing policework. I got to hear their informed opinions about law enforcement. Another ABM took exception to my sunglasses and screamed at me. Several more just wanted me out of the area. Other than the car incident no ABM made any real physical threats. I’ve decided to assume that these guys were bored and that yelling at a geocacher filled their need for social interaction.

To be fair, I’ve run into Angry White Men (& Women too) almost all in the Conejo Valley, Angry Latinos in L.A.(2) and Oxnard (1). So far no Angry Asians…but if I keep ‘doing’ lamp posts in Alhambra strip malls…

RANT: It’s come to my attention that a certain hiking buddy says that I look like an ewok when hiking over obstacles…

My_response: So who’s the ewok now, buba!! (:P)


4 Responses to DECEMBER 8, 2008 – Silverlake

  1. Don says:

    OK, that’s funny. I laughed so hard that I blew Sprite out of my nose. But, I’ll take it. I’m a “teddy bear type of hunter/gatherer”, (of caches).

  2. tozainamboku says:

    Do ewoks hide things in bushes. I looked for a cache today that was hidden in a bush by someone who looks like an ewok and I couldn’t find it. If I had a blog I’d probably rant about hiding decons in bushes.

  3. Thudpucker says:

    Are there any caches on Endor? Maybe are little friend can guide us. He has guided us through some tough terrain. Is he friendly?

  4. oldweeb says:

    I’m told that getting GPS coordinates on Endor isn’t easy. I don’t think it’s because of the trees either.

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