DECEMBER 15, 2008 – Oakbrook Regional Park

Saturday began with an early morning event Coffee Geo-Talk in Thousand Oaks. Then 9 of us then caravanned to Oakbrook Regional Park for an all day hike. We found the trailhead cache about 50 feet from parking and then walked through the grounds of the Chumash Interpretive Center. There we logged an easy virtual cache that’d been on my list for years: Chumash Labor Union

We crossed paths with another group:
They didn’t seem bothered by our loud talking and picture taking.

We soon broke out of the tree cover and still had energy at this point.
Not shown: daffodil_girl (Mrs. robb_dogg), Pelon, tozainamboku, OLdweeb

The most interesting cache on the top part of our clockwise loop was a 2-part multi that required us to find a “BM.” I wasn’t enthusiastic because I see them all too often on the bottom of my hiking boots. But this BM turned out to be something completely different and non-revolting; a BenchMark.
The view from the benchmark. That’s Bard Reservoir in the distance.

The bottom half of the loop was mostly on single tracks through rocky terrain. Progress was slow at times. We survived several geo-falls but left with nothing worse than a few scrapes.

Our only DNF (Did Not Find) was SIMI CAVE.

121308_caveWe frequently complain about “Micros in the woods!” but this one deserves its own category. 9 of us scoured the cave and couldn’t find the cache.

Only a mile to go!

LAEd turns for the final descent to parking.
121308_final_descentOur 9 mile loop took us to 26 caches in 6 hours.

Breaking news from Endor: Imperial probe droid captures image,
121308_ewok_confirmedconfirming last week’s ewok post.


One Response to DECEMBER 15, 2008 – Oakbrook Regional Park

  1. Thudpucker says:

    I missed a Ewok sighting. Man you snooze you lose.

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