DECEMBER 29, 2008 – Oxnard

Every one of my 16 days in a row off are presenting me with a dweeb’s dilemma. Should I go caching or should I do the cleanup and home maintenance that accumulated BECAUSE I went caching too often? My vacation is more than ½ over and so far I’ve found 135 caches and my place looks worse than ever. There’s a practical limit to how long this can continue. Soon, I won’t be able to find my computer to plan any more caching runs. Until then here are some highlights of the last few days. (more to follow soon – off schedule)

While normal people were out shopping for post-Christmas bargains or staying home, EMC of Northridge, robb_dogg, BWidget and I went to Oxnard for a day of caching. To Elin, Robb & Bill a 1 day run of 100+ caches isn’t a big deal. To me 15 caches in a day is good, 25 is great and reaching 30 is extraordinary. So at 31 caches, they had a ‘slow caching’ day and mine was ‘extraordinary.’
Bill & Robb find a classic guardrail cache.

We used my Honda Element because it has the headroom/legroom needed to accommodate the anomalously high average height of my caching friends (of which Robb & Bill are NOT the 2 tallest). Any basketball coach seeing all of them walking together would be envious.

Oxnard has a large number and wide variety of caches but it isn’t very scenic. More info: click. As a ‘casual’ (no formal goals or pre-determined routing) expedition, we made up the route on the fly. It was very entertaining to watch 2 TYPE A personalities, Elin & Robb, try mightily to get us to go in opposite directions at the same time without losing control. Bill & I sat back and took it all in. How boring it would be if everyone agreed 100% all of the time.

On the way, we learned that ANYONE can become a geocacher!!
Sorry, we should’ve checked it out & reported…

A rock hide inside a parking structure w/no satellite reception.
As obsessed cachers, we’ll go just about anywhere to find a cache.

But as non-suicidal cachers, we didn’t go here. “Nice Cujo, Diablo…”
Fortunately, the cache ended up behind us.

We had an unusually high number of DNFs (Did Not Find). This was one of them.
We started for home at sunset when the temperature began to drop quickly. More days off..more caches…details to follow. I feel a rant coming on too.


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