December 31, 2008 – closing rant

I’d like to mentally evolve to the point where “numbers” aren’t important. This won’t happen anytime soon without the intervention of a mental health professional. Unfortunately, the only one I know found more than twice as many caches as I did in 2008! But I found 617 fewer in 2008 than in 2006 so maybe I’ve made progress on my own.

Anyway, not counting the trips detailed in my last 3 posts, during the final week of the year I found 32 caches in Downey (2-trips), 16 in Burbank and a handful of others scattered all over. All 50+ were urban hides so photo ops were few and non-scenic.

Downey: world’s most ancient, still functioning McDonalds
The prices are modern though.

There’s a cache there: Your Kind of Place (GCK61H). There’s also a burger museum on the property – free admission.

Downey: A weird combination shares the building and parking lot.
There IS a cache a few feet from where I took this picture.

This is the 2nd time I’ve seen a cacher do this:
122908_elin_lamp1EMC finds, grabs, signs and returns a cache without leaving her car.

RANT: When confronted with a complaint, cache owners will often say, “If you don’t like my cache, don’t log it.” Fine! But that doesn’t erase the seeker’s nightmarish experience of seeing & smelling an absolutely putrid ground zero. Here are 2 of the worst I’ve encountered. The second one had the added attraction of unfriendly locals glaring at me from nearby. I left both areas quickly. I then deleted the caches from my GPS without looking at the hiders’ names for fear of exploding into a verbal rant if I ever meet them. So if these are your cache sites, don’t tell me. As my grandmother would’ve said, “Shame on you!!”



Now some contrarian is going to crawl out of the woodwork and say that s/he doesn’t understand the problem. Happy Caching to you!! We’ll probably see you on the 6:00 o’clock news after you’ve been beaten to a pulp by hostile natives, dumped into the trash and have succumbed to toxic fumes.

STUFF: A major irritation of middle age is presbyopia, the loss of ability to focus on close-in objects, especially reading material at indoor light levels. Annoying glasses can mostly handle the small print. And now I’ve found a way to address the low light level situation, cheaply. I can read cache printouts and lists again!!

The “Y” adaptor is $2.47 at Walmart and the 4 pack of CFC bulbs is 99.99 cents at the 99¢ Only Store.
Two “23 watt” CFC bulbs provide the same light output as two “100 watt” old style incandescent bulbs. Energy consumption is (23 x 2 = 46 watts) as opposed to (100 x 2 = 200 watts) for the same illumination.

The discount CFC bulbs don’t seem to be inferior in any way to the major brands.

(50¢ for 2 generic CFC bulbs) Vs. ($7.49 at Walmart for 1 GE CFC bulb with the same output as a “150 watt” incandescent bulb)

Happy New Year and more caches for all.


One Response to December 31, 2008 – closing rant

  1. Richard N6UZS says:

    I bought that same 4 pack of Feit brand CFC bulbs at Vons for just $1 about a year ago when they were introduced. Never saw that same price again. Consumers Reports rates them highly as well. Good choice my friend!

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