JANUARY 12, 2009 – Sycamore Canyon

The publication of the Spinal Tap (Backbone Trail challenge) cache gave me the push to finally go after a cluster of caches mostly near the middle of the Big Sycamore Canyon trail. Getting there means a 4+ mile hike from either end, Satwiwa in the North or the Sycamore Canyon campground in the South. Tozainamboku (Marty), who needed to find many of the same caches, & I hiked in from the campground finding a few stray caches along the way. From there it was a clockwise loop eastward on Old Boney Road. Our track looked like an italicized letter “P.”

The first thing I noticed about the canyon was the orange
and more orange.
It must’ve been the same in past years but I don’t remember…

We spent a ½ hour looking for Love Shack (GCPHYG). The remaining part of the corrugated steel roof rattled and flapped in the wind and pieces threatened to fly off.
Marty found the cache. It had ‘migrated’ from its hinted placement.

We turned east at the ranger’s residence / picnic area onto Old Boney ROAD which is a single track trail despite the name. True to the BONEY part of the name, Boney Mountain was clearly visible during this part of the hike.
That’s another day, another hike.

The horned skull and the other bones along this very isolated trail
will freak out some people.
But as long as MY bones don’t get added into the mix, I have no problem with the area.

The cure for being freaked out is to concentrate on finding caches!!
Marty did some climbing and found one here.

On our long walk back to the parking lot, we were overflown by a flock of noisy Black Hooded Parakeets.
Some of them landed nearby.

And I had to ask, “Why??” when I saw this.
It definitely wasn’t to avoid mud. It’s worse than any geo-trail!

After hiking 15 miles in 8 hours and finding 14 new caches I was ready to go home.

This is what I saw just outside of the parking lot. Those are Anacapa and Santa Cruz islands in the Channel Islands National Park. A few virtual caches & an earthcache are out there.

Any health benefit that I gained today was cancelled out by my traditional after-hike meal of a Double-Double and fries.


4 Responses to JANUARY 12, 2009 – Sycamore Canyon

  1. Don says:

    I have hiked the canyon at least a dozen times, yet have never seen the parrots. As far as the MTB track, what can you say? All it took was one to do it, and then the rest followed, like lemmings. I wonder if we cut a track right off of a cliff, if we could get rid of them all.

  2. Robb says:

    A double-double sounds great though Ken. You worked hard, so you deserve it buddy. 15 miles is awesome! I saw those parrots as well. They were flying all over the place.

  3. coakford says:

    Nice job on the hike. I’m going up on Saturday to do much of the came area.

    Nice job on the photos, Ken.

    See you on the 24th.

  4. Robb and I saw parrots, too – glad you figured out what kind they were. It’s beautiful in the canyon this time of year.

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