Continuing my quest to find all 89 Backbone Trail (BBT) challenge caches before logging the final one, SPINAL TAP on Sunday 1/25/09, I took a weekday off from work and found 7 between Corral and Malibu Canyons. It was the first time that I’ve hiked with just LAEd. Ed is widely known for using leading edge caching technologies but I was shocked to see just how far ahead he is.

Beaming down from the mothership to start the hike…
But it’s one way only. I don’t know how he gets back up.

We were being watched while hiking to the first cache.
I wanted to place a new cache here called Oculus of the Condor but Ed had the spare cache and he named it a much more normal sounding, Eagle’s Eye (GC1KTVE).

A cloudless sky and minimal haze gave us good all around views. Looking South from anywhere along the trail we saw most of the Channel Islands.
That one’s not Jersey or Guernsey either.

The cool weather and mostly flat terrain let us hike comfortably. Northward views were into and over the main part of Malibu Creek State Park.
Las Virgenes Canyon Road below turns into Malibu Canyon Road.

Malibu Lake and the dam, behind a toyon bush.
I’ve seen birds eating the berries. And they’re often found in deer and coyote landmines too.

The arrow points to Brent’s Staircase (GCM766).
No one has logged that cache in almost 2 years.

One of the caches we found was named Mesa Puerco (GCM75F).
The “Puerco Motorway” starts at the cache and goes 2+ miles to the ocean. There’s a cache at the other end but none in between. It’s not NPS land and as far as I can tell from online sources, it’s open to hikers and equestrians. I hope that someone reading this places a series of pork themed caches there. Oink Oink!!

Continuing on the BBT we found all of the caches on the 6 mile trail and I found 1 more on my way home.

On Saturday, I met robb_dogg and we found 2 BBT Challenge caches together near Paiuma & Las Virgenes before going our separate ways to find others that we respectively needed. I spent 3+ hours wandering around Trancas and Encinal canyons without a map looking for Bagonybone (GC1HN62). It’s the only BBT cache in the area. I walked over 2 bridges,
through a eucalyptus forest and up a very steep canopied hill and found (GC1HN5W) Peak of Agony. Later, at home, I found that I’d been on the Agony Trail.
Despite the names, neither the trail nor cache was especially difficult. From here it was an easy walk to the elusive Bagonybone.

Getting back to my car was another adventure that took waaay too long. I finally emerged on Mulholland 0.83 miles to the East and walked back to the trailhead without getting run over by speeding motorcycles.
I ended the weekend with 11 BBT Challenge caches bringing my total to 82 of 89. I’m on schedule to finish next Sunday.

STUFF: Are you annoyed by those very strange yet oddly compelling TV commercials for the Snuggie? I would’ve bought a Snuggie if only to stop the commercials. But I never got around to mail ordering one. Then I heard about a Snuggie sighting at the Bed Bath & Beyond in Canoga Park. I rushed over, and saw dozens of boxed Snuggies (blue only) ready to go for $14.95 each. The “one size fits all” display model looked far too long so I went home empty handed. Then after a sleepless night of ‘knowing’ that I’d made a mistake, I went back the next day and bought one!
I’ve always liked the ecclesiastic look. Too bad the store was out of purple Snuggies.

The Snuggie is LITERALLY as advertised. It’s a BLANKET with sleeves. It’s meant to be ‘worn’ while sitting or reclining not while walking around. The back is open with no provision for tying it closed. It doesn’t fit, at all, if you try to wear the open side in front. The fabric is very light, thin and surprisingly warm.

OK – enough babbling. Bring on the next cold spell.


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  1. LOL! I want a Snuggie, too, although I’ve never seen the ads…. thank goodness… funny funny picture!

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