FEBRUARY 2, 2009 – O’Melveny Park

A string of new park & grab caches close to home and good hiking weather led to a Saturday split between urban and hiking caches. I met Don_J, tozainamboku, spoondoggie & his dad piquet at O’Melveny Park in the North San Fernando Valley. We left 2 cars and took 2 others to find 12 caches along “The Old Road.” One of them Yer Killing Me Larry (GC1KVMD) was on commercial private property in an area where any activity looks suspicious. But apparently Larry and Irwin didn’t give a sheet because they didn’t come out to chase us away.

A cache just down the road Old Road Nature Walk (GC1KVM4) was in a clearly marked “No Entry – Restoration Area.” I didn’t log the cache. I’ll give the hider the benefit of the doubt and assume that the sign was placed after the cache was hidden.

We backtracked to the Antonovich trailhead, parked and began our hike up the Weldon Canyon “Motorway,” which is a dirt fireroad.
Spoondoggie & piquet signed a log while 100,000 rolls of camo tape moved North.

Don_J, spoondoggie & tozainamboku continuing toward the Sesnon/Sayer burn area to replace incinerated caches:
During the day we variously carried 4 different ammo cans. They attracted curious looks and a few questions. I resisted the urge to greet those muggles with “Salaam ‘Alaykum (السلام عليكم).”

The Sesnon fire in mid-October burned to the western edge of the fireroad and the Sayer fire a month later came from the other side and burned to the eastern edge. The loss of a few caches is trivial compared to the massive damage to homes and the environment. But nevertheless we didn’t want to leave burned up caches as geotrash.
I replaced 2 of my caches, including this one. Tozainamboku (Marty) replaced 1 of his and spoondoggie (Scott) CITO’d an exploded ammo can placed by a cacher who’s no longer active.

Parts of the area still looked like a marscape but vegetation is making a comeback in most others.
It’ll be interesting to return here in a few months.

This is a view of the Aliso Canyon Oilfield from 100′ west of the trail. Vegetation isn’t going the reclaim THAT anytime soon.
After reaching Mission Point, we worked our way downhill and found a string of new caches. I hope that the appropriate agencies take the opportunity presented by fire-cleared land to replace haphazard ‘use’ trails with better, official ones.
Our hike started to wind down after 8 hours.

We found the cache at the burned out bridge
013109_bridge1and emerged back at O’Melveny Park.

MISCELLANEOUS: I tracked down the owner of the walkie talkie I found while caching in downtown L.A. over the holidays and mailed it to them. I received a $40. check as a ‘finder’s fee.’ No good deed goes unpunished so 2 weeks ago I accidentally left my Magellan eXplorist 500 and hiking stick at a trailhead. Oh well, it was an excuse to buy a Garmin Oregon 400t. I used it on the O’Melveny Park hike. It’s very intuitive but I’m still getting used to the change. Happy Caching!!


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