FEBRUARY 9, 2009 – Santa Clarita Valley (SCV)

Three days of rain dissuaded me from hiking because I HATE MUD!! So I took up Don_J’s long standing offer to act as a guide to (urban)cache through the Santa Clarita Valley. Eight of us were going and then the weather forecast caused a chain reaction of cancellations. So only Don, robb_dogg & me went on a 5-1/2 hour 47 cache run. Happily for us, there wasn’t a drop of rain until the last 45 minutes and even then it wasn’t very heavy. Urban caching isn’t very scenic so I took only a few pictures.

The old Newhall Jail, built in 1906.
There aren’t that many places to hide a cache. But we still didn’t find it. Go Directly to Jail (GC1C95J).

The SCV is full of shopping center parking lot lamp post caches. I appreciated racking up the ‘numbers.’ It was still nice to occasionally find something different. We parked in a cul-de-sac and walked down a paseo (green winding walkway connecting different blocks of houses) to find a cache here.
It’s Bridge to the Summit (GC1KTZJ).

One area that we passed through looked strangely familiar.
“Little Boxes on the hillside, little boxes made of tickey tackey…”

Toward the end of our day we found Bird’s Eye View (GC1CD3Y). The only muggle was a forlorn duck.
This is a rare civic sculpture that I like. None of the attachments are noticeable and the birds really seem to be flying.

My work schedule MIGHT stop me from caching for the next several weeks. So postings MAY be sporadic for awhile.


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