FEBRUARY 16, 2009 – Santa Monica

A break between storms left cool clear caching weather. To avoid the heavy claylike mud on most local trails I chose urban caching in Santa Monica. It’d been a long time since I’d been there so my map showed a welcome sea of green boxes. Many of them were hidden by prolific cacher Dooley, who like me, doesn’t place urban caches in FILTHY, WET vegetation.

Bring a fistful of nickels, dimes and quarters. You’ll need them to feed the parking meters. This doesn’t apply on Sundays or if you drive a hybrid with yellow state stickers. Santa Monica’s free parking rule for yellow stickered hybrids is the same as Los Angeles’. Of course, I didn’t know about the rule in Santa Monica until AFTER I got home.

I parked on this scenic street and walked to subscriber-only cache: BenH57 was the FIRST to FIND this cache! (GC1CZY9). It’s a good thing that these palm trees don’t produce coconuts.
In 1995 I saw signs in Tahiti that read, “Every year in the South Pacific a dozen people are killed by falling coconuts. DO NOT sleep under these trees.” But the signs were in French and Japanese. Was it coincidence that the falling coconuts invariably chose Americans and Australians as their targets?

While logging many nanocaches on metal signs, I worked my way westward to the bluff top park above the beach. I was lucky to find an open, non-metered parking space in the middle of 4 caches.

From this viewpoint looking South toward Santa Monica Pier I went down the stairs (where I found a cache) and across a pedestrian bridge to another cache on the sand Beach View v2 (GC12NXG).
This “in plain sight” cache was my favorite of the day. It’s ridiculously obvious to cachers but thousands of summertime beachgoers are oblivious.

An unmodified random picture from 100’ closer to the water turned out with a weird monochrome effect.
The ocean was BLUE in real life.

Climbing back up a different set of stairs and crossing another bridge I quickly found an easy cache and continued northward to See the Sea! (GC1D2PY). A woman was searching the vegetation about 30’ N of were my GPSr pointed while her significant other stood by patiently. So I went to MY ground zero and sat with my GPSr. Eventually I heard the expected, “Have you found it?” but in a proper English accent, not ” ‘ave ye’gott-it” in the common speech of many UK musicians and celebs. We looked together and didn’t find the cache. I gave up and was walking away when she waved me back. She found it about 30’ S of (my) coordinates. Later I saw that it was her 4th find!! This demonstrates that experience ISN’T everything. It was nice to meet you, P3ters. (no, not a typo)

On my drive East and back to the 405 I stopped at a fun cache (name omitted to protect the surprise).
Don’t worry, I re-hid him a little better.

Weather &/or work MIGHT keep me away from caching for the next few weeks so postings could be sporadic.


One Response to FEBRUARY 16, 2009 – Santa Monica

  1. Dang – I didn’t know about Santa Monica, either! Love my big ugly yellow stickers.

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