FEBRUARY 23, 2009 – Venice & Marina Del Rey

Another dry & cloudy weekend… I went back to the urban coast, this time a little further South of nano-land to Venice, the marina and Culver City. Venice was jam packed as always and I was very lucky to yet again find an unmetered parking spot from which I walked to 4 caches.

This paseo to the beach definitely had a tropical feel, even though the weather was cloudy and only 65 degrees.
It was too cold to lay out, but perfect for basketball.
This was the view from next to Jenny & Peter at Muscle Beach (GCWF7Z). About .3 miles South down the walking path I found Jesus Rocks (GC1K77E) but didn’t see Jesus. (You’ll know when you’re there.) This cache would probably be impossible to retrieve & return during the summer when the walkway is a sea of muggles.

So far it’s the realm of made-for-cable, disaster movies. But after the great 2004 Asian tsunami no one is taking any chances.
I saw more signs like this a mile inland!

While walking back to my car I COULDN’T pass up this photo op at a random intersection.
It’s just soooo wrong on so many levels.

Driving South to the marina I stopped at Lil Kim’s Dirty 30 Cache (GC1EFAX). Somehow again, I got the 1 open non-metered parking space, directly across from the very unscenic cache.
Unfortunately some REALLY GROSS objects at the EXACT coordinates caused me to run back to my car without searching for the cache.

A few minutes later I finally reached a familiar spot. For 25 years I rode my 10-speed through here from Santa Monica to Torrance several times every summer. I hated the aggressive skaters who tried to take over the bike path. Today I was glad to see that the problem is now under control.
It’s a giant bird just after he finished off a skater. Mmm Mmm good.

I found Pacific End (GC10VYG) nearby and then walked to the end of the partially paved jetty. There are supposed to be 2 caches there. I didn’t find either one. Fishermen were guarding “their” spots near both. So I think that the caches are gone. BTW there’s an “ABM” at
Pacific Ballona (GC1BYAF)
. ABM? See my Dec 8, 2008 blog posting.
I finished the day with a burst of 11 Culver City “numbers” caches and went home to write this blog. Thanks to everyone who hid these and the other caches I found (or didn’t).


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  1. I dunno… my raven was a good knee-high… might have to have a bird-off.

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