MARCH 2, 2009 – El Segundo to North Redondo

Lately I’ve noticed an ever increasing number of green boxes popping up South of the SFV. So for the 3rd Saturday in a row I skipped hiking and went searching for urban caches near the coast. This time I started in El Segundo and cached my way to Redondo Beach.

El Segundo is a small 5-1/2 square mile city. The accessible part is squeezed between LAX to the North, a huge refinery to the South, and a sewage treatment plant to the West which blocks beach access. The best approach is from the East.
There are 4 caches within easy walking distance from this sign. One of them is at an observation point, LAX Plane Spotting (GCHX09). It overlooks LAX which is across the street.

Another cache a mile away El Segundo High (GCM6HR) is guarded by this monstrosity.
022809_towerThe cache is also within sight of the Police Dept.

Continuing on to I Left My Wallet In El Segundo (GC1E96R) I approached the, unscenic to the extreme, Southern boundary.
022809_unscenicFrom here I drove East / inland.

Across the street from MOSAIC (GC17RRP), I detected a hidden muggle.
He was the 1st of 4 feral cats that I saw during my caching day. None of them ran away. Maybe I’m becoming a cat person by association. Some people I see regularly own 6, 9 and 11 cats respectively.

1.1 miles further south: a promising trailhead at Veterans Parkway:
Unfortunately a homeless man occupied the exact spot where my GPSr pointed. Beyond the underpass, there’s room for many more caches in the 2 miles to the ocean. If they’re placed, I’ll go back to find them.

At the end of the day I looked for The Crafty Queen (GC1H0J0) in Redondo Beach.
I checked all the places that matched the hint that I could reach without climbing anything. I still didn’t find the cache. Oh well. There’s always next weekend.


2 Responses to MARCH 2, 2009 – El Segundo to North Redondo

  1. I only have four cats – who has 6, 9, 11? wow… and meow!

  2. Hanging out on PCH is almost right there, but the clue is the key. If you’re up, look down. If you’re down, look up.

    I’m pretty proud of this one, so if you’re back in the area, please check it out. I think it’s pretty clever, myself…

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