APRIL 1, 2009 – Santa Susana Pass S.H. Park

My short range vision problem persists. It’s hard to work on the PC for long without getting extremely sleepy or a splitting headache. So this is a delayed & abbreviated text post.

Earlier this year Don_J found a nearby trailhead that somehow we’d all overlooked. As a result, 2 months later there were 18 new green boxes on the map. Start here SSSHP – South Entrance (GC1MGF8).
Less than 10 minutes into the hike the terrain opens up.

A sight like this really gets me going!
The view got better.
Only a few steps from here I saw a lone hiker approaching, about my age, with similar equipment. I’m glad to see someone like that on the trail because it’s often another cacher. I wasn’t disappointed. It was nice to finally meet you, w_bovine. (another Ken) After talking for a few minutes I started on the narrow upward part of the hike.

Shiny green poison oak was present in patches on both sides of the trail. None was seen within touching distance of any of caches and it was completely absent beyond the ¾ mile mark.
While sitting on a large flat rock I noticed an ENORMOUS dead bug just below. I wonder how it got there, and when…
Just before reaching Tubular (GC1N7N5) I saw what looked like a paleolithic house. No homonids were home.
Just beyond the cache there’s a paved, I suspect private, road and some big houses. You’re there when the dogs on the balcony start barking. I ignored them and walked up the road about 300’ and found that the dirt trail continues.

I soon approached an intersection of trails. There were caches in all directions except to the North (right, in the picture).
So, of course, I hid one there. Pinnacle Shelf Decon (GC1NYPA).
The red arrow points to the cache which is an easily climbable 15’ above ground. I snickered to myself (and ate one too) that now my local caching friends will have to come back out to find my new cache. If they don’t, an annoying green box will appear on their maps amidst the smilies.
Continuing SE I stopped to find and log a very unusual cache, NOT a Kodak Moment (GC1JOXG). I heard voices and “muggles” came around the corner.
It was cache hider retrofit, his sister Robyn and their dog C. Spot Run. I complimented them on the cache container and we talked about our previous trail meeting a few years ago. I told them about my just-hidden new cache and continued onward to the last 4 caches which were scattered in 4 directions.

The view of the cliffs was excellent throughout the hike.
But the haze never completed lifted from the valley side (E).
I was glad to hike again after 6 weeks of urban caches. I’ve been too tired to rant but I’m sure that something will set me off again soon. Until next time…


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