APRIL 11, 2009 – Upland

I continued to enjoy my Garmin driven improved caching efficiency by diving into a map full of green boxes in and near Upland. I began with a 1 hour, 2 mile urban “hike” on a paved trail around a large ugly construction pit. Hopefully someday it’ll become a nice suburban lake. The view didn’t matter because there were 13 caches to find. Each cache was named “CSI” and then the name of one of the 13 original American colonies. Here’s one to start: CSI – Connecticut (GC1M8K5).
The path has 1 long and 1 short switchback. Follow them both to reach all 13 caches. There’s one dead end. You need to go there too. Even on a Saturday there were only 4 muggles on the entire trail. One cache was missing (has since been replaced) and a nearby resident was too close to another. I found 11 of 13.

The rest of the day was spent pursuing park and grabs. This far inland, the area was wide open and semi desert-like. One street had a big unpaved median lined with pepper trees. This was one of the caches there: Tree Cache on Euclid (GC1DE2W).
There were drainage ditches instead of rain gutters.
There were some parking lot lamp post hides. But I appreciate ANY cache that I can find. This one was “stuck” open and the container (it had magnets on the back) was on the ground without a log. I added a new log and put everything back in place.
The view must be even nicer when the mountains are snow capped.
I beat my previous personal best of 32 caches found in a day, set last week, with 37 this time. The number could easily have been 45 because there were almost 2 hours of remaining daylight. But smaller increments = more records = more fun. Hopefully…more record days will follow, soon.


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