April 12, 2009 – geosurvey answers

I found this questionnaire on GeoCraig’s blog and thought it would be fun to complete. Collections of multiple peoples’ survey responses were called “Slam Books” when I was in junior high. My school banned them; even more reason to DO a page now, 35 years late.

1. What is your name? Ken
2. What is your GC name? OLdweeb = OnLine dweeb
3. What kind of GPSr do you use? Garmin Oregon 400t & Garmin Nuvi 500: I am a recent convert from Magellan.
4. What is your favorite feature on your GPSr? color maps w/cache icons and ability to select any of them to see details and others’ logs
5. What is your best memory of geocaching? jet ski caching at Pyramid Lake, California (2007)

6. What is the furthest from your house you’ve ever found a cache? less than 300 miles N // My travelling period ended in the last millennium.
7. What is the hardest cache you ever found? GC1C4Y4 Spinal Tap: It’s a challenge cache that requires finding all the caches located along the Backbone Trail in the Santa Monica Mtns. When the cache was published, I already had 55 of the 90 required caches. I set a completion date and actually found the last cache on that date.
8. What is the most amount of caches you’ve completed in one day? 37 by myself on 4/4/2009
9. How did you get started in geocaching? I was vaguely aware of it from the beginning but didn’t start caching until Dec 2004 when I overheard a coworker talking about it.
10. What is the silliest mistake you’ve made while geocaching? Taking a picture of my hiking stick and Magellan eXplorist 500 against a trailhead sign and then turning around and driving home, without them. I never got them back.

11. What memorable animals have you encountered on the trail? A HUGE mule deer. We simultaneously arrived at a blind corner and surprised each other. From a standing start she bounded at least 8’ high and over 20’ long to escape.
12. What is your favorite earthcache? I log them if they’re there but I really like only traditional caches. I think Earthcaches especially belong on waymarking.com and not gc.com.
13. When do you geocache most often? (Season? Time of day?) Year-round, either 1 Sat or 1 Sun, almost every weekend.
14. Who do you usually geocache with? Originally alone, then w/local cachers-groups for the last few years. I’m reverting more to solo caching as I haven’t been feeling a 100% for over a year. I don’t want to be a drag on my friends with my too-low mental & physical energy levels.
15. Have you ever logged a find on one of your own caches? If not, would you? No & No. However, I did adopt 2 caches that I’d previously found. I didn’t remove my find logs.

16. What is the most consecutive days you’ve gone caching and had a find? 30: Feb 28 thru Mar 29, 2009.
17. How do you feel about people who “collect” trackable items? I won’t feel sorry for them if something they own is “collected” by someone else.
18. Is it all about the numbers for you? YES, I would not cache or hike recreationally if stats weren’t maintained. No stats = no motivation. No motivation + low energy level = no caching/hiking.
19. What have you learned since you started geocaching? I’ve learned a lot about the geography of southern California and to “think outside the box” by examining others’ cache containers and hiding styles.
20. What is the most interesting travel bug or geocoin you have discovered? I grab TB’s pretty much by (small) size and only look at them closely when I’m back home. I once ended up with a glass vial containing a cacher’s dead dog’s cremated ashes.


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