APRIL 19, 2009 – San Diego (Fiesta Island)

If you’ve ever driven South to San Diego on the 5, you’ve seen Mission Bay on the right side. Sea World and some big hotels are prominent but unless you get off the freeway you’d never notice FIESTA ISLAND, a roughly 1.5 x 1 mile “island” that’s almost completely undeveloped and currently is home to 17 traditional caches.
It’s really a pseudo-island because the narrow strip of land pictured above connects it to the “mainland.” I drove around the roughly 4 mile long one way perimeter road at the 25 mph speed limit, mostly on my Prius’ battery power. I stopped for the 6 caches that I hadn’t previously found. One of them Kiteboarding (GCWJFM) was guarded by a very scarey red backed jumping spider. It was REAL, not dropped cache swag.
Two of the unfound caches were in an area called “Dog Island,” amid a huge expanse of yellow and white flowers. These were a 15 minute hike from parking.
Strangely, on a different 15 minute hike to Gumball (GC1H0GB), I was followed almost the entire way (.3 miles) by a loose dog named Google. Here he is as he runs up to jump on me – again.
I finally pretended to throw something REALLY FAR. He took off to fetch it and I ditched him by going over an embankment down to the cache. On my return hike a few minutes later I saw Google far off in the distance harassing someone else.

I’ve heard that Fiesta Island can be crowded on weekends. But I’ve always found it to be the opposite on weekdays in April which is when I visit every year.

After completing my orbit of the “island,” I parked just outside, at the sign on top of this page. From there I walked across the road to a new section of the Mission Bay Bike Trail.
There are currently 9 traditional caches within a mile along or near the path. I needed 3 of them and found 2, including this one: BAMB: Jones‘ (GC1EGVD). It’s a very different and fun container.

A ½ mile across the street in a different direction from parking, there are yet 3 more traditional caches.
On this day of slow caching on Fiesta Island and Mission Bay I found 20. This rock hide was my favorite.

Next is Mission Trails Regional Park (MTRP).


2 Responses to APRIL 19, 2009 – San Diego (Fiesta Island)

  1. ruminator says:

    How to you know the dog’s name? Did it tell you?

  2. […] beach. When I saw 20 new green boxes on the gc.com map of Fiesta Island I was ready to go. On my past visits I’d never seen another SFV cacher’s name on any of the logs. I didn’t want to keep this […]

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