APRIL 27, 2009 – Griffith Park

Eight days without finding a cache is far too long. So I sent a quick e-mail to some local geocachers to go after the new “Walk in the Park,” series by MShock in Griffith Park. Only Don_J’s response worked out so we did a car shuttle hike that was 10 miles long with 21 caches for Don and 13 for me.

We started at TT&BB’s #01 Griffith Park Cache (GC1A4DC), where there’s plenty of free parking. I’d found the first 7 caches on the trail so I sat nearby as Don looked for them.
Don emerges after finding a cache. The number of hiking and equestrian muggles increased as we made our way to Mt. Hollywood. We saw the famous “ollywoo” sign and the
Griffith Observatory. It’s weird that the sign is on Mt. Lee while the viewpoint summit above the observatory is Mt. Hollywood. I used to lug 40 lbs of ham radio gear up here several times a year to see how far I could talk on low power. Of course, that hobby had to go once I started caching.
We’d found all 10 of the TT&BB caches so after noting the benchmark at the summit we backtracked to find the way to reach the “Day in the Park” series. The map I printed didn’t show a definite connection to the trail we wanted to reach.
On one promising trail led to a locked gate instead.
We turned back and ended up at Out of the Way Picnic Day (GC12FT6)where we found a picnic table REALLY out of the way. The cache was 30’ from where we both ‘zeroed.’ Our fun was diminished by the PARTY POOPERS who left used toilet paper, a diaper and a few beer bottles all over GZ. I see this all-too-often on cache hikes.

We finally reached October: A Walk in the Park. It took almost 20 minutes to find it. Our dreams of being FTF were dashed by a signature already on the log. Oh well…Now that we were on the correct trail we expected to find the rest of the ‘months’ quickly. It didn’t work that way because we’d already hiked 8 miles with lots of elevation changes and most of the unfound caches seemed to be uphill. We found a few though.

On the way to November: A Walk in the Park (GC1QA8J), Don was captured by Imperial bounty hunters. See my Dec 8 and Dec 15 posts to see why they wanted him.
I had to bribe them with the coordinates to all 11 ewok caches to get Don out.

Both of us still need to find 10+ caches in the SE corner of the park. We’ll be back!!

Here are some random pictures from my 3 + ½ + ½ days, 93 cache San Diego trip that didn’t get into my earlier postings. There was at least 1 cache within walking distance from where every picture was taken.
I couldn’t get enough of the futuristic architecture.
This is GZ for a cache in National City. It’s NOT the Mexican border.
The view was great below but the area absolutely reeked of some kind of plant that smelled like wet dog.
Now I know how Google Earth Street Views gets some of its non-street views.
It was a scary walk across this abandoned railroad bridge. The ties were intact but the lengthwise beams were mostly gone, leaving big gaps with nothing but the water below.
There was another bridge just like it nearby. That one had a cache on it but there was no way I was going to crawl around looking for it. Maybe I’ll be braver next year.


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