JUNE 17, 2009 – Glendora

June 17, 2009

Since my 6,000th find I’ve been cached out. Weekends of ideal hiking weather passed by and I mostly sat around the house doing things like watching the entire 1st seasons of Star Trek (TOS) and True Blood on Blu Ray and 16 straight hours of The Deadliest Catch on cable.

To dislodge the alien vampire crabs from my brain I forced myself to go on a short cache run back to Glendora, an area that seems to have an inexhaustible supply of green boxes on the map.

I started with some parking lot lamp skirt caches and then went on an unscenic but fun urban hike. The first hiking cache, Troubled Bridge (GC130CB) was a nano at this fenced off bridge.
Another, Geode (GC12YEQ) was across the path from a toilet graveyard.
Then I ran into a big string of DNFs (Did Not Find) where I took pictures so that the visits wouldn’t be total losses.

My GPSr ‘zeroed out’ dead center on the 4’ x 10’ concrete slab. Lonehill Park Returns (GC1HMBY). I assume that there used to be a picnic table here. Yes, I checked the tree too.
Here’s an apparent “FVH” Filthy Vegetation Hide where the coords were in the dust & web covered junipers. I looked without touching for about a minute and then moved on.
I learned my lesson about bougainvillea early in my caching career. Beware of BIG SHARP thorns. That and the stench of (dog, I hope) pee kept me from poking around, even with my hiking stick. Think Pink! (GC1FQVM).

A few minutes later I arrived at what a bronze plaque proclaimed as the largest diameter tree in Los Angeles County. It’s truly huge. See my Prius parked across the small street.
One Big Figgin’ Tree (GCWXRT).
It would’ve been fun to search the tree but the coordinates led elsewhere in the pocket park. I looked for 5 minutes before some photographers arrived. They seemed annoyed at seeing me in the background of their shots so I left.

STUFF: A few days later I visited nerd heaven and yet again succumbed to late night TV advertising. I couldn’t leave the store without buying “HD Vision” sunglasses for $9.99 + tax. But I found that, unlike the Snuggie, the sunglasses are actually worth their price. Firstly, they’re huge enough to comfortably fit on my oversized cranium. Disregarding the “HD,” which is a meaningless marketing gimick, the glasses eliminate glare and seem to filter out the blue part of the spectrum.
The resulting view is incredibly clear, even with my bad eye. I don’t trust the frames to hold up on caching hikes but they’re fine for driving. A “night vision” version was also on sale for the same price. Night vision sunglasses sound absurd but I’ll probably end up buying a pair next time.