JUNE 30, 2009 – Chandler Fire Road (Burbank)

July 4, 2009

My nearest geo-neighbors, capdude & capsbug suggested an 18 cache hike on the Chandler Fire Road in the Verdugo Hills above Burbank. I jumped at the opportunity because I’d never hiked in that area even though its close by. We left my place at 7:30am, were joined by EMC on the way and met Don_J at the Edmore Trailhead (GCW01Z). Then we took 1 vehicle to Stough Canyon Nature Station.
N 34° 12.719 W 118° 18.328

The hiking ascent began right away. It was still cool and there were places to stop and take in the view. I’m used to seeing the valley from up high in every direction, except from the East. I especially enjoyed the new perspective on the Bob Hope airport and tried to imagine seeing the historic early takeoffs of the P-38, P-80 and F-104.

Don_J, EMC and capdude take in the aforementioned view.

Don_J and capdude find a ridgeline cache.
Don_J gets info about the next cache from a local named Tiger.

Following Tiger’s instructions we arrived at GZ where we saw that someone had a sense of humor. You’ll know when you get there. The cache was within 10 feet.
Looking back to the last cache.
Don_J, capdude and capsbug sign a log.
The cache here West Verdugos – Lone Pole (GCMG8N) was an ammo can about 50’ from the logical spot.
As a newbie in 2005 I watched in awe as a local cacher, Lyndy, made a huge show out of plowing his way to 1,000 finds and hiding dozens of his own caches. All the while he was available to offer entertaining caching stories and friendly advice. Then one day, he dropped off the face of the Earth.
Now I think I know what happened to him. How appropriate that Ooper’s Cache (GCGWQ7) is in the background too.

Our 6 mile hike ended with 17 finds, 1 DNF (confirmed missing by Don_J a previous finder) and 3 new caches hidden by capdude. I’m looking forward to finding more caches this upcoming holiday weekend.