AUGUST 22, 2009 – miscellaneous

August 23, 2009

I promised myself that when blogging felt like work I’d quit. Well, lately it’s been close. My desktop PC is down for the count and using a laptop & fingerpad (instead of a mouse) to cut and paste is extremely tedious. My digital camera isn’t working well either. But I’ve been caching every weekend. So here are some highlights.

You’d expect me to be all over a place called Rice Canyon but it took me almost 5 years of caching before visiting there. Here’s the trailhead sign close to the first cache Old Road Nature Walk (GC1KVM4). There’s plenty of free street parking only a step outside of the pay parking lot.
From the trail you can see my cache Where’s Ursula the Bear (GC189YD) on a nearby hilltop.
Later, I attended a caching event West Coast Cachers’ Beach Bash (GC1RZZK) in south Orange County. Here’re Shirconn & Garagedude taking in the view while Tozainamboku signs the log for CDM View Quickie (GC1DDRF).
This is what Shirley & Jack saw.
A few hundred feet to the North the view was very different. There are no caches there which is just as well because of the ultra high muggle density. A church was conducting seawater baptisms when I took this picture.
Lately I find myself seriously annoyed by things that would’ve been minor irritants only a few months ago. There’s nothing like a filthy vegetation hide to set me off.
When that was followed by a dumpster cache it was time for me to go home.
On another weekend, for the first time ever I was prevented from finding a cache by pigeons. Hundreds of them were all over ground zero. More kept arriving because muggles stood around throwing scraps. Look at all the white spots on the ground. That’s not bread. Gross…
Sometimes even my equipment is against me. At a great hilltop deadend cache Pebble Rock (GC1NMR9), my Nuvi 500 told me to go straight 500’ and turn right to get to the next cache. Argh!!!
But nothing that happened to me is as ridiculous as what happened to my coworker who regularly fed a “tame” squirrel in front of the office. He tried to point out an unseen peanut to his furry friend and was rewarded with a bite to the hand. It took two sets of antibody shots to rule out rabies. Later I tracked down the rodent for his side of the story.