OCTOBER 7, 2009 – Oxnard (again!)

When it’s 100+ degrees in the San Fernando Valley, caching in Oxnard is a good idea. The temperature there is likely to be 70 or even less. And new caches by capable hiders pop up on a consistent basis. It’s farther away than the Westside or South Bay but the traffic & parking situations are infinitely better suited for mobile caching.

Once again, I woke up late one weekend and found the temperature already at 90+. So I quickly loaded a pocket query centered on the middle of the Oxnard plain into my NUVI 500 and Oregon 400t and drove. After stopping briefly at McD on Kanan for my requisite ice coffee I continued to the Conejo grade and watched my dashboard thermometer drop with the altitude.

When I saw santa claus I KNEW there had to be a cache there. THERE WAS!! HoHoHoHo (GCGKMH). It was a quick park and grab from outside the fence.
There’s one cache I can never find because there’re always muggles nearby. Eat Your Vile Veggies At Johnson Creek Park (GC1CTZ3). This time was no exception. Where in this picture do you think ground zero is?
Later, when I saw the effect of salt air on an Altoids tin cache, all kinds of possible design improvements flashed by. No pain – No gain (GC1K860). Then I thought, why not just use plastic? d’OH!!
Another cache My Loop On Oxnard #24 (GC1730T) was watched over by a huge bird. As it flew off I was impressed by its 6′ wingspan.
I’ve tried not to think about how much fast food I eat throughout the week and especially while caching. But it was unavoidable when I counted 279 packets of Del Taco Inferno Sauce and 84 IN-N-OUT Burger ketchups in my refrigerator. I took them to work and left them on the breakroom table. They disappeared gradually over 3 days.

I saw an all electric, blue Tesla Roadaster in the Fry’s parking lot. It was a great looking car though smaller than I’d imagined. The driver couldn’t get it started/moving and ended up poking under the hood. Oh well…


One Response to OCTOBER 7, 2009 – Oxnard (again!)

  1. Elin Carlson says:

    Fabulous bird photo!… and all that ketchup disappearing at the office… eesh!

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