OCTOBER 12, 2009 – Monterey

Compared to most obsessed cachers in my home area I travel very little. Monterey at 328 driving miles is as far as I go. The weather was perfect on 3 previous trips this decade, always in mid-October. As my 4th trip approached the ominous forecast was for “heavy rain and high winds.” No refunds or changes were allowed by the hotel so I went anyway, hoping to get in a partial day of caching before the bad weather.

Anomalous for a cacher, I know, I don’t like extended driving. The 12 cache “Rimrock” (GC1Q244) loop just off of the 101 was the perfect thing to break up the monotony. Thank you Pdiggidy for the series. I drove 1 side of the loop and found 4 + 1 other cache, all park & grabs. I was surprised to see that my geoneighbor BWidget was the last signor. Hi Bill!! Anyway, the loop looked like this.
I left the loop unfinished to beat the rain. It was hard to stay alert while driving by the “Boring Hills.” They’re all the same from horizon to horizon. It was even worse in previous years because there was no greenery.
I stopped at an offramp entrance to an oilfield. The view was the same for at least a mile on both sides of the picture. Only later I saw on the GC.com map that there are caches at many of these offramps/pullouts. So it’s very possible that I was standing within a few feet of one.
I reached Monterey in the late afternoon ahead of the weather. After a quick check in at the hotel I rushed to the Rip Van Winkle open space (it’s a forest), less than 2 miles inland from Cannery Row. There are 6 hiking caches within a ½ mile square. This one is closest to parking Nearly Stumped (GC1Y4WN). Between the major marked trails, use trails and random paths all of the caches are reachable without any real bushwhacking.
Still, poison oak is abundant and I brushed against it several times. If you’re highly sensitive, I recommend caution or avoiding this forest.
I found 5 of the 6 caches. The containers ranged from a double size ammo can to a decon to a lock-&-lock.
I’m writing this on Monday (10/13) at noon, stuck in my hotel room. It’s a top floor corner and the windows have been shaking from torrential wind blasted rain for the last 5 hours. Oh well, this ‘caching vacation’ is a washout.

While driving in downtown Los Angeles earlier this month, I found the site of The Colony.
The closest cache is GeoCraig’s 4th street bridge.


2 Responses to OCTOBER 12, 2009 – Monterey

  1. BWidget says:

    Hey Ken, I have a watch on one of the Rimrock caches so I knew you found it. They are a good set of caches to take a break with. I only found a few of them since my PQ had lower diff/terr criteria. Now that I realize there are more I will put them in a bookmark for my next drive by. Enjoy the rest of your time off.


  2. oldweeb says:

    Tnx Bill. I had a great time. Only 1 day was washed out by rain. I let my nav system take over for my return trip and it routed me onto the 5, so I didn’t return to finish the Rimrock series. Maybe next year…

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