OCTOBER 14, 2009 – Fort Ord Dunes State Park

A new California State Park? It’s true. While waiting out the torrential rainstorm on Tuesday I saw Fort Ord Dunes State Park along the coast 3 miles north of Monterey on the GC.com map. I counted 10 traditional caches and 1 multi (which I ignored).

The rain stopped overnight. On Wednesday I drove less than 10 minutes from my Cannery Row hotel and reached the park. I passed by some old barracks and
arrived at the Secret Trailhead (GC1HVY6). There was free curbside parking for about 6 cars. I really appreciated someone hiding a cache here. It saved me from the usual random driving looking for parking and access into a new area. The graffiti in the tunnel was mostly written in standard letters and grammatically correct American English. Very weird.
There’s another cache 9,11 Fort Ord Dunes Numbered Remains (GC1HVXT) just on the other side. Then there’s a paved trail that goes through the ice plant and other low level vegetation to reach more caches.
Those are a mix of lock-and-locks and magnetics. They’re mostly near manmade ruins like this one 3854 – Fort Ord Dunes Numbered Remains (GC1HVYA).101409_building
There’s one here at this bunker 11 – Fort Ord Dunes Numbered Remains (GC1HVXF).101409_bunker
There are several more bunkers too. The door to number12 was open. This is a flash picture of the inside.
This is the view from the top of the bunkers looking South toward Monterey.
I walked North along the top and passed some impressive dunes.
Beach sand must absorb rain quickly. There was no mud from the previous day’s storm. Eventually I found a way down and walked through the red ice plant on a tire track to the next cache 7-Fort Ord Dunes Numbered Remains (GC1J104). I was surprised and happy to find a 2005 white Jeep travel bug. It’ll be taken to Riverside on October 25.
After 3 hours I found 7, DNF’d 2 and was too tired to reach 1 that was off by itself. One of the DNFs was at the OFFICIAL trailhead 0,0 – Fort Ord Dunes Numbered Remains (GC1J0ZF). There’s plenty of free parking there. Probably the most efficient way to find ALL of the caches is to park here for the Northern caches and at the Secret Trailhead for the Southern ones.

I noticed that NO ONE uses stickers around here.
Thanks to Trail Reader who hid 6 of the 7 caches I found and to Mimring who hid the 7th and with whom I exchanged some friendly e-mails. I spent the afternoon finding urban caches in the Fort Ord and downtown Monterey areas.

Tomorrow, it’s off to Manzanita Regional Park near Castroville for 20 traditional caches.


3 Responses to OCTOBER 14, 2009 – Fort Ord Dunes State Park

  1. Jeff Fehlig says:

    Thanks for the great pictures of Ft. Ord, CA! I was an Army correctional guard at the old confinement facility out there in 1978-1979! Wonderful memories….thank you soooo much! Would love to see more pics of Ft. Ord! I used to walk the beach for hours, what is now called Ft. Ord Dunes when I was out there……back then it was called Stilwell Beach!

    Jeff Fehlig
    Imperial, Missouri

    • Cabot Ord Doering says:

      If my research is correct then my grandmother Anne Ord is the great granddaughter of General Ord. Would love to learn more of this formerly great base. I currently live near the soon to be closed Willow Grove Naval Air Base in Pennsylvania thanks to BRAC

  2. maricella says:

    Loved Fort Ord, such a mysterious place. We were stationed at NPS and visited the commissary there. And came upon these old barracks and went into some as well. Kind of a scary place but enjoyed riding our bikes where our vehicle couldn’t enter. It’s a ghost town and last we drove through there many barracks gone and making room for a college and shops. Maricella

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