NOVEMBER 17, 2009 – Lower Arroyo Park (Pasadena)

Though it’s only 25 miles away Pasadena has always seemed old, dark, alien and foreboding to me. I went out of my way to avoid it for decades. Even now, it’s only when I see a concentration of green boxes on the Pasadena map that I go there. This time the 22 boxes along the Lower Arroyo Park trail, most of them placed by Jim – f0t0m0m (thanks!!) got me to return.

I found the previous, now archived, series here in 2005 and knew that the trail is entirely flat and begins near the casting pond.

It was an easy walk south finding decons, Altoid tins and the occasional ammo can. The going was slower than normal because my Garmin Oregon 400t rarely read closer than 30’ accuracy. At one cache I couldn’t get closer than 45’ with ninety-eight foot accuracy!! When the arrow read 45’ in one direction I walked to that spot only to find the arrow pointing back to where I’d started. So I looked every place that fit the hint where an ammo can could hide and eventually made the find.
Ancient looking bridges added to the ambience.
One cache Creepy Hollow…Old #4 (GCYJWA) really lived up to it’s name. It was truly truly creepy.
Another cache was creepy too Arroyo Glen (GC20Z0G). Something big was moving around in the bushes, just out of sight.
I ran into Jackcheese & Motlah who were caching in the other direction. Their loggings show that their day in the arroyo was more eventful than mine.
Without crossing this footbridge there are 3 more caches beyond it to the south. After finding them I returned and walked across to the west side.
I DNF’d a cache on the west side. Sticky Situation (GC20Z16). The completely flattened area proved that others had a hard (though successful) time.
I always appreciate caches that have a nearby place to sit and sign the log.
A last look. A group of drinkers under the bridge was throwing empty bottles toward the trail. They weren’t aiming at anyone or anything in particular. I still hurried through and found a few more caches.
Just across the wash from the parking lot I saw this. I don’t know what it is, probably something famous.
I’m looking forward to caching a lot between now and the end of the year. I hope to find the 228 caches I need to reach my goal of 1,200 for 2009.


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