NOVEMBER 23, 2009 – Vasquez Rocks

It’d been awhile since I’d cached at Vasquez Rocks. In the interim, 8 new caches had appeared adding to the 10 found on prior visits. On a rare completely free Saturday I went back.
As usual for any clear weekend the main parking lot and surrounding area were packed with cars and muggles. In fact it was impossible to even approach the cache closest to my car. X marks the spot (GC1AQZD). But after detouring around a big Latin film crew and only 300’ out from parking, the area was deserted. Here’s a look back toward parking.
Right away I saw some big clawless tracks, on top of recent human footprints! I stayed alert but didn’t see gorns, sasquatches or any animals bigger than a lizard.

Caching here is always a welcome change from my urban trips and yet different from the usual cache hikes on local trails. Navigating through obstacles on faint or non-existing paths and scrambling up and down rocks are out of the ordinary and great exercise. The photo ops are different too.

This is a hole I crawled through to descend to a lower level cache.

I’m not sure what this is. It’s located a few steps North of the Geology Trail trailhead.

This was ground zero for my last find of the day. Lonely Corner (GC1KCW8). Coordinates bounced all over and I was leaving with a DNF when the obvious cache was noticed. d’OH!!

In 4 fun hours I found 6 traditional caches and an easy earthcache. Vasquez Rocks Earthcache (GCZP4M). This is the picture I took for the final earthcache requirement. Enjoy your attempt too.


3 Responses to NOVEMBER 23, 2009 – Vasquez Rocks

  1. Ken, Thanks for the acknowledgement of our 5,000 finds!
    You have always been a favorite geo-friend of ours and a big help when we needed a friend in finding a difficult cache.
    As January 9th rolls around and I reach my 88th birthday, I hope that you will also be geocaching and still enjoying this sport as much as we are when you reach that NUMBER …and yes. it is a BIG number! Perhaps it’s the sport that is keeping us able to continue our searches.
    Most of all, it’s the sport that is responsible for our happy friendship, Ken, thanks again!

  2. Thudpucker says:

    Here is a link to the Ballad of Irving. The 142nd Fastest gun in the west.

    Next time you are in my hood (Santa Clarita) give me a heads up and I will see if I can join you.

  3. lacie says:

    umm i like your pics

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