DECEMBER 25, 2009 – Pasadena & surroundings

Christmas Day caching followed by a Chinese restaurant dinner. It’s a tradition started by EMC of Northridge (Elin) in 2004. I participated in 2005 & 2006 but couldn’t in 2007. And last year Elin was in Europe. This year, the tradition was revived and Elin, tozainamboku (Marty), benh57 (Ben) and me cached through parts of Pasadena, Altadena and Alhambra. Three of us use a Garmin Oregon 400t. It was funny to hear 3 identical proximity beeps within 2 or 3 seconds when approaching each cache.

Here’s Elin at Yet Another Chink in the Wall (GCYQD7). If I were Chinese, I’d be offended by the cache name.

We took advantage of reduced traffic and business closures to find many caches that would normally be surrounded by muggles. At As Rare as… (GC1TGC1), at a completely deserted strip mall, Marty pointed to Ooper’s Cache.

In front of another closed business, we looked for The Adventures of Essie Turtlehaunch, Chapter III GC19VNM). It’s supposedly in an “obvious place,” but we didn’t find it.

We DID find Now That’s a Real Fork in the Road (GC21XAT).

There was only 1 place where I didn’t want to look for a cache. Here’s why!

The others didn’t hesitate and rushed to GZ. Ben was a recent prior finder and he pointed out the correct altitude to search. After that, the cache was found in about a minute. I’d already found 9 of the next 10 caches so I dispensed in-person lifelines. We finished just as it got dark and cruised Valley Blvd in Alhambra for a likely Chinese restaurant. We found one a little snooty for my liking. But the food was good.

My 2009 goal: finding 1,200 caches, status: 70 caches and 6 days to go.


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  1. […] and BenH57 for 40 urbans and a gourmet Chinese dinner. OLdweeb covers it very nicely in his blog , and got much better pictures than I did that day. Do click the link and check out his […]

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