DECEMBER 27, 2009 – Tarot Series (Antelope Valley)

Me and Don_J needed 66 and 51 finds to meet our respective caching goals for 2009. With only a few caching days left in the year we looked for an area with lots of caches that could be found quickly. We chose f0t0m0m’s Tarot series.

From f0t0m0m’s cache page description:
“All 81 of the Tarot Caches are located along the CA-138 corridor, between Quail Lake and Lancaster. All of the caches are accessible by paved roads, and are no more that 250 Feet from the pavement. Some of the caches will require walking through some brush, so long pants and good shoes are strongly suggested.”

Here’s Don_J at the first cache Area Closed (GC1K0VC). The temperature hovered between 45 and 48 degrees all day long. Don dressed appropriately…
…while I relied on insulation accumulated from decades of consuming cheeseburgers, burritos, pizzas and kung pao chicken.
Where there were no yuccas the terrain was featureless for miles around. But there was still a cache every few 10ths of a mile.

Caches that wouldn’t last an hour in an urban setting can remain unmuggled for years in the desert. In fact, our only DNF (did not find) was an urban style magnetic cache on a sign along the comparatively busy Hwy 138. The one below was a strange urban/desert hybrid. I’ve seen hundreds of these containers and hidden some myself. But this was the first time either of us had seen one attached this way.

True trees were few and far between. They often marked a cache site.

But yuccas (at least 2 species) were plentiful in patches. Searching for caches near them can be dangerous for the careless. The sharp leaves can slice a hand or poke your eye out.

Decons and ammo cans withstand harsh desert conditions. Less robust containers don’t fare so well. Most of the lock & locks we found had broken tabs. Here’s one that was also cracked.

The Los Angeles aqueduct broke up our monotonous view. B3677 (GCMBDQ), an urban style magnetic cache was there too. The sign allows fishing. Assuming that the river “bed” is as smooth as the banks, what fish species lives in super fast moving water with no cover? If anyone reading this knows, please leave a comment. I’m truly curious.

This just doesn’t happen (anymore) back home in the San Fernando Valley.

Toward the end of the day we saw this. There’s an aptly named cache here, Walls to nowhere (GC1K916).

We found 46 caches in 5-1/2 hours of caching. Megacachers can laugh at the “low rate,” but as my profile states, I’m a slow speed, low energy cacher. Don didn’t complain so I assume that he’s the same.

Counting down: only 20 more finds needed to reach my goal of 1,200 for 2009. I think that I can do it. I know that Don can find 5 more to meet HIS goal.


3 Responses to DECEMBER 27, 2009 – Tarot Series (Antelope Valley)

  1. TeamLevin says:

    Go oldweeb!!! You can do it!!!

  2. benh57 says:

    I was curious too.. looks like there are some serious Carp, Catfish and Striped Bass in the CA Aqueduct:

    • oldweeb says:

      Tnx for the link. …visions of being dragged down the slippery bank by a 50 lb stripped bass! I’m glad that the cache is outside the gate.

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