DECEMBER 31, 2009 – Piru (NE Ventura County)

A few days ago I was happily caching on Gulberson Road, part of the Hwy 126 series by Max Gold. Then I reached the eastern edge of my pocket query and there were no more caches in my GPSr. At home I saw that there were about 20 more unfound caches on and near the remaining part of the road and dozens more on the other (North) side of Hwy 126.

I went back for those 20 caches to meet my 2009 goal of 1,200 finds. Many of the Gulberson Road caches were 40 year old aluminum 35mm film canisters hidden under a rock at the base of random roadside bush. The cache below was a break in the routine.
Don’t get me wrong. I REALLY appreciate all the planning, time and effort by Max and friends to place and maintain the caches.

It was a work day for many people so the area wasn’t as deserted as it was on my Christmas Eve trip. I had to skip the caches that were near various work crews. That left me a few caches short of 20 when I reached the Eastern end of Gulberson Road. So I turned North on Torrey Road and kept finding caches. I stopped to find River Bottom View (GC1PH9Q), at a bridge over the Santa Clara River.
Crossing Hwy 126 northward, I reached the town of Piru. Even on my quick pass through, historic sites were clearly noticeable. This is the restored railroad station.
There’s a cache 1902 Railroad Bridge (GC12Q6N) 400’ beyond where this picture was taken. A chain link fence prevented access from the west. The eastern end appeared to be on the grounds of an elementary school so I moved on without approaching. Looking on the map later, I saw that the “school,” is a public park. The cache is likely a walk up.
No. This isn’t an image from a colonoscopy. It’s a view into a horizontal pipe where a cache is hiding, complete with guardian mouse. I wasn’t about to end 2009 with bubonic plague or hanta virus so I logged a DNF (Did Not Find).

By noon I knew that I’d finally reached my goal of 1,200 caches for 2009. The finds were coming at the rate of 11 per hour, more than double my usual plodding pace. So I found 10 more for “insurance” in case I’d miscalculated. This was a good thing because on the next day, December 30, it rained. Now, I’m relaxing, free from the stress of needing “just 1 more cache,” until 2010. Happy New Year !!


4 Responses to DECEMBER 31, 2009 – Piru (NE Ventura County)

  1. Thudpucker says:

    Congrats dweeb!!!!! You can do 1500 next year. My goal will be 150. That what happens when you are married with children.


  2. oldweeb says:

    Tnx for the congrats. I found almost 1900 in 2006. I’m slowing down with age…and weight. I’ll wait for a few months before setting a goal for 2010.

  3. the ruminator says:

    Stared down by a mouse. Your a wuss!

  4. f0t0m0m says:

    Congratulations on reaching your goal of 1200….


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