JANUARY 4, 2010 – Mulholland Dr. & surroundings

Since my pre-caching days I’ve made it a point to start every year with a New Year’s Day hike. After finding 214 caches in December & meeting my 2009 goal of 1,200, there was no self imposed pressure for ‘numbers.’ So I chose a short stretch of Mulholland Drive and a southward turn on a big (unnamed?) fire road. I started here Valley Views (GCRF92). I found this cache years ago but the trailhead is here and there’s lots of free parking.

It’s possible to continue driving westward to 3 caches but I hiked to them instead. The view to the east was unusually clear.

The Encino Reservoir was just north of the road. Several websites list it as a fishing lake. But as far as I know it’s owned by the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power and has always been off limits to the public. Does anyone know for sure?

I found 2 caches and arrived at the third, Cold War Cache (GC10BYG). It’s at a decommissioned Nike missile base. It’s open to the public.

Here’s a view of downtown Los Angeles from the top of the tower.

I took pictures and backtracked to parking. Then I kept going East. The sign below marks the southward turn onto a fire road and dshadovi’s 4 cache Canyonback series.
All are on a single track that parallels and sometimes crisscrosses the fire road. North to South the caches are numbered #3, #2, #1 and #0. Numbers 3/2/1 each contain a clue that’s used to determine the true coordinates for #0. All 4 are big containers and easy finds, out of the direct view of main trail muggles. Thanks David for a fun series.

From near the final cache Canyonback #0 (GC1MME3) downtown L.A. and snowcapped mountains were visible to the East..

…and to the Southwest, the ocean at Santa Monica Bay.
The Canyonback Tigertail series of 6 + 2 caches starts less than a mile further South. I’m going back for those caches soon.


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    Hey, I’m famous!

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