JANUARY 11, 2010 – hiking & urban caching

Saturday was a combination hiking & urban caching day. The morning began with a ride in Elin’s (EMC of Northridge) Prius to the Greenbriar trailhead. I’d already found all of the caches except one. Five feet from one of them, something had taken up residence. Note the gnawed tree trunk on the ground at the right side middle.

Somewhere below we found Davey Jones Locker (GC223GH) an “unknown” cache. I’d DNF’d (Did Not Find) a week earlier. This time Elin walked right up to it. d’OH!! It was 1” from where I’d looked before.

Elin still needed to find “THEY!” (GC1CCB9) a fun, themed cache by Don_J. I’d found it 5 months earlier and wanted to see Elin’s reaction to the unique hide. Whether you hike from Mulholland Fire Road or from the South end of Vanalden Blvd you’ll walk along a 20’ drop off, literally within inches of the edge. Then you’ll turn and walk over the top of the Vanalden Caves.

The path across the top has some skylights!

As I expected, Elin screeched when she found, “THEY!” I highly recommend this cache.

After the fun we drove “over the hill,” to find the Million Tree series by dezdog. There are lots of sidewalk trees like the one to the left below. Currently 12 of them contain a cache. And they’re all non-vegetation hides. You’ll have to find the caches yourself to resolve this contradiction. Driving West to East is a must.
We also took a few short detours to find other nearby caches. Despite the Hollywood sign in the background, the area was somewhat less than glamorous.
A few last caches along Ballona Creek ended the day.


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