JANUARY 18, 2010 – coastal Ventura

A series of 4 big storms was bearing down on Southern California. I took advantage of the last day of sunshine and went beach caching in Ventura with Don_J. We were lucky to find a space in the small free parking lot at Surfer’s Point Park.

We walked West and found no stopping tall people…(GC2104R). There was no stopping us either because we had hiking sticks. We DNF’d dead on the beach (GC1KQYC). There were multiple DNF logs so we’re confident that the cache was no longer there. At least the scenery was good.

Soon afterward we were blocked by a draining estuary. Hiking in soggy shoes & socks isn’t fun.

Here’s how we got across. On the return trip, at this exact spot, we walked up on a nude photo shoot. To get away, I went through with my shoes & socks on. The water level was lower then so the crossing wasn’t too bad.

We walked under and across railroad tracks. But we didn’t walk across the bridges like some stupid people we saw.

A Great Blue Heron wandered in the vacant Seaside Wilderness Park. Don found a hexagonal bison tube cache nearby.

We didn’t find the cache that was hinted to be in plain sight, at the end of this post.


We spent the rest of the afternoon finding urban and urban-hiking caches. There are still a lot of caches in the area so I’ll be back.


2 Responses to JANUARY 18, 2010 – coastal Ventura

  1. Don says:

    So, where do you think we ran into the PO? No big deal, four very small splotches, two on each arm. If I hadn’t had it before, I wouldn’t have even know what it was.

    Also, when I said that “this is the first time I hace forded a river, barefoot, while geocaching”, I had no idea that it was actually the Ventura River.

  2. oldweeb says:

    I don’t know if PO can tolerate brackish estuary water. I’m betting you got it at an inland cache, maybe Tall Skeletons (GC215HJ). I didn’t see any PO but that area seems likely.

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