FEBRUARY 7, 2010 – mostly Monrovia – no Superbowl

February 10, 2010

February 27: I got my new Acer laptop last week. It’s my first new computer in 7 years. Holy cow!! Windows 7 and Excel & Word 2007 (where I compose Dweeb’s Diatribe) are too advanced for me. And my beloved MGI Photosuite is so archaic it won’t even upload. The connection to my GPSr is intermittant and something’s wrong with my e-mail too. I can’t watch video with the 64-bit browser and my wireless is completely deaf. It’s going to be awhile before I’m functional enough for my next post. But I’ll be back…

I spent 2 weekends cleaning house instead of caching. Just before the third I saw a cluster of unfound caches on the gc.com map in Monrovia. A rapid fire e-mail exchange with EMC showed that she hadn’t found any of them either. So a Superbowl Sunday mini-expedition was planned.

The tightest part of the cluster is composed mostly of the Breath series (GC1JQ11) by JoeCoolJRRT. The ones we found were ‘for the numbers’ urban hides. Some of them were wet from the recent rains.

This is the trailhead for the nearby In A Pickle (GC1QHZ5).
EMC dove in for the cache where dweebs won’t tread. That’s part of the reason she has 22,000 finds. But this cache isn’t one of them. Just as we walked away with a DNF (did not find) the adjacent homeowner came out to investigate her dog’s barking. Wet vegetation aside, I would’ve passed on this cache because GZ is along a backyard fence…chain link, even.

One mile to the North there was Oak Wood (GC20ZZA), a non-wet, non-vegetation hide, guarded by a small snail! On the same block a family of 5 deer grazed in someone’s front yard. They didn’t seem to mind EMC’s silent Prius or their pictures being taken from 10’ away.

We found 13 caches in the area with 6 DNFs, a record high DNF ratio. The DNFs were 1) homeless at GZ, didn’t look, 1) descent into mud & wet vegetation, didn’t look, 1) clue didn’t match GZ, 3) looked but couldn’t find in wet vegetation.

To change gears we drove 10 miles to Ernest E. Debs Park in the Hermon district of Los Angeles. A steep hike up a dry hill led to a pond.

The well placed Teddy Bear Bliss (GC22YBQ) was a short walk away. Here’s the view of downtown L.A. from ground zero.

While searching for another park entrance closer to more caches we saw what I first thought was a small helicopter. Happily, this was the starting point for a multi-cache, which was quickly found.
After not caching for more than 2 full weeks, I felt run-down. EMC wasn’t her normal energetic self either. Instead of finding more caches we spent an indecisive 45 minutes driving around searching for lunch. We ended up at THE OINKSTER – “Slow fast food” in Glendale. As advertised, they were VERY slow. But they served the best cheeseburger combo I’ve had in loooong time. Recharged by the food we found a few new lamp skirt park and grabs and then went home.