MARCH 19, 2010 – Landers 4×4 caching

A rare Friday off was coming up. I asked around, “any non power caching going on?” Someone responded, “there’s a trip with f0t0m0m & Albackore to Pee Wee Desert Lawn Jockey.” So as a dweeb, I invited myself thinking that I’d be the 4th occupant on a 1 vehicle trip. Albackore offered to give me a ride to meet f0t0m0m in Glendale. I woke up at 4:45am (!!) and we were underway an hour later. We were surprised to see the current f0t0m0m (Jim) pull up with the ‘original’ f0t0m0m (Karen), in the passenger seat. Their Lincoln Navigator would let us cache in luxury.

We stopped for breakfast at iHop in Banning where we joined 3 Jeep loads of other cachers, another surprise. They were all experienced and enthusiastic cachers. But I didn’t get to know them well enough to determine if they’d object to having their pictures here. For this reason I’ve limited their appearance to faraway shots.

We started out with 4 vehicles but 1 dropped out right away. Here’s a typical view of Crazy Teacher’s Jeep leading the way. I think that she wants to be a fighter pilot when she grows up.

17 new caches were placed. Early in the day they were sometimes in challenging off trail locations.
At one early cache Bear Den In the Desert?? (GCT4N4) I found myself in the lead walking to the coordinates. It was only at a rock wall and still short of GZ that I realized why everyone else was hanging back. So up I went ‘encouraged’ by the prior finders. I made sure that no one was home before entering the ‘den.’ Twenty feet up and about that far inward I found the big cache. F0t0m0m, Jim joined me and we signed in the other first time finders who waited within sight just below. The Den…

Another hill cache! I’m glad the air was a cool 65 degrees, not 105.

The highlight of the day for me was Pee Wee Desert Lawn Jockey (GC12F). It’s one of the oldest still active caches. We were lucky to have some prior finders in the group.

They led us on the hike and scramble from parking to the top. Strong gusty winds convinced us not to linger after signing the cache log.

With a final look back to the vehicles, we descended.

On the way, we walked to find a funny virtual cache, NOTHING (GC5007). Then it was lunchtime at the vehicles.

There were many more caches to find. We got back on the trail. Here the guys are growing spikes!!

Toward the end of the day, the new hides were in easy to reach locations a few feet from the trail.

The scenery was incredible. Here are some highlights.

Whenever someone asked, “what’s the hint?” I took sadistic pleasure in responding, “near a brown rock in the desert.”

After 7+ hours it was time to go.

Thanks to f0t0m0m for driving and the introduction to true 4×4 caching.


6 Responses to MARCH 19, 2010 – Landers 4×4 caching

  1. Thudpucker says:

    I’ve seen that rock.

  2. coakford says:

    How did you wake up that early?!!

  3. robbboyle says:

    I’m shocked you got up that early! You never do. 😉

  4. aerospacecase says:

    It sounds like you had a great day!

  5. BWidget says:

    Nice work, that’s one cache that’s been on my must do list.

    • oldweeb says:

      Of course, someone hid a new cache on the trail the day after our trip. I’ll go again if you have any empty seat!

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