MARCH 20, 2010 – Triunfo Canyon area

With only 4 hours of sleep after my 4×4 Landers trip, I woke up for the “sissopolis 21st birthday hike” in the Triunfo Canyon area.

A few minutes into the hike, 14 of us, including some muggle friends, hiked past an unreadable official sign.

I’d already found 13 of the 30 caches on the list so I got to stay back a lot while others searched.

A short side hike on this trail led to a cache Is it the End of the Road or the Beginning of the Trail (GC24VND).

The birthday girl, Sissopolis, distracted muggles while the rest of us found it.

Then there was a very steep ascent to a string of ridgeline caches.

The non-cachers among us pulled far ahead. They were younger, faster and of course they didn’t stop for caches.

I moved along at a much slower pace, often alongside my geofriend, Eagle Rock Rob.

The best view of the day was of the Las Virgenes Reservoir.

Too bad that it’s completely off limits.

With the altitude changes behind us, we turned for our cars. Sissopolis, spoondoggie and Albackore weren’t tired.

A big oak held the last cache on the way back.

Don_J leaps to the tree.
While others went for lunch & drinks, I rushed home and slept for 16 hours.


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