APRIL 5, 2010 – Las Llajas to Rocky Peak trail head

I joined a Geoconnection hike at the northeast end of Simi Valley to add 34 finds to what’s been a slow caching year so far. Twenty of us started at the Las Llajas Trail Head Cache (GCKCGG) which we DNF’d!! Here are retrofit, Gummyfrog and deeznutz®.

This is the road not taken. A locked “no trespassing” gate blocked the way. Someone hid a cache at the gate. We signed the log and continued our 12 mile counterclockwise inverted “U”, into very strong gusty winds.
There were non-operating pieces of equipment scattered about, especially in the first few miles of the hike. One of the tall guys bashed his head on this one while searching for a cache. Retrofit’s well stocked first aid kit fixed the injury.

This windmill was also out of commission.

After rounding the top of the inverted “U” the wind became less of a problem except when we were near drop-offs. As usual, the non-cachers in the group pulled far ahead. They’re the small dots on the trail just above the center of the picture. By this time our original group of 20 was strung out in clumps.
I thought that my usual geohiking friends were ahead so I forced myself to stay with a fast moving bunch to catch them. But when I turned around I saw “my” group a ½ mile behind. They’re small dots too, in my backward view. I planted myself along the trail and waited for them to arrive.
Once I was with them I had a much better time hiking at a non-racing pace.

There was even time to enjoy the view and take unrushed pictures. This is an eastward view.
We had a relaxed lunch and great conversations. L to R: BWidget, Don_J, forest22, pianofab, albackore, foomanjoo.

Near the end of the hike, those who hadn’t found wodden hand (GCIC70) a very very old special cache, went to look for it while the rest of us enjoyed hanging out down below. That’s foomanjoo and Albackore at the top.

We arrived at the Rocky Peak Trail Head a ½ hour later to end our hike, sore and (a good) tired.

I recently had wooden nickels made by http://www.wooden-nickels.com. Everything about my interaction with them was great – except for the final product. About 20% of my order looked like the top picture. But almost 50% looked more like the lower picture. During an e-mail exchange the company noted that wood is a natural material subject to variations. I agreed but stated that their online “builder” showed only examples that look like the top picture. I suggested that they add a disclaimer to the “builder” to temper expectations and to possibly add a choice for “premium blanks – light wood with minimal graining.” They responded positively (not necessarily affirmatively) to the suggestions and agreed to re-do half of my original order as a 1x only courtesy. I’m now satisfied, assuming the do-overs arrive in reasonable time and don’t look like the bottom picture.


2 Responses to APRIL 5, 2010 – Las Llajas to Rocky Peak trail head

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  2. puppyraiseer#1 says:

    I like the nickels. Could you bring them to othe meeting on Wed. june 9. I will buy $10.00 worth.

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