MAY 8, 2010 – Tujunga Wash

A string of unhappy DNF (Did Not Find) logs on 3 of my Tujunga Wash caches accelerated my plans to go back to the always adventure-filled area to replace missing containers. But why have all the fun by myself? I posted my plans on and as a result Reinshadow (Reiner), Albackore (Jeff), EMC (Elin), tozainamboku (Marty), pianofab (Fabrizio) and RCKen (Ken) joined me. Fabrizio named our group, “¡Sabado Cachistas!” I often see “Sabado y Domingo” on Spanish language advertising posters and until recently thought that he’s a famous opera singer. But what did I know? Anyway, despite the sign below, I’ve always known this area as, “Orcas Park, next to the Tujunga Wash, behind Hansen Dam.”

The aforementioned Albackore, EMC and tozainamboku:

Most of the group headed under the freeway toward Tujunga Wash Caching Trail Bonus A (GCMMFT). This was the last time I saw Reiner because he went back to a previous cache to find his sunglasses and never caught up with us again.

While the others went under the freeway, me, Marty & Elin looked for a way to cross the wash. I didn’t get wet, this time and the next 2 times. I shouldn’t have felt so smug because I fell in on both the 4th and 5th crossings.

The crossings were the most entertaining part of the day. RCKen launches himself from a crushed half submerged pipe over the final 6 feet.

Fabrizio goes fully airborne at the same spot.

Elin HAD TO BE different.

Some of the yucca flowers were bigger than us.

Elin is doing the 100 day caching streak challenge. I have no idea what the GC number is, the formal requirements or where the final cache is located, but I’m doing it too. May 8 was day 38 for me. Both of us had already found all of the caches in the wash except for Lunch on the Rocks (GC1T8M6). So it was critically important that we find this cache as the cache of the day for May 8. But when we got there the area was a trashy mess. Even the water was garbage filled and algae choked. What may once have been a scenic lunch spot was now ugly. To add insult, there was no hint of the cache. Blah!!

Elin left us at this point to go look for ANY new (for her) cache outside of the wash. The remaining 5 of us continued and encountered a trap to capture and remove Brown Headed Cowbirds, a non-native invasive species. I think that these are the guys that steal my fries when I eat outside at McDonalds.

There’s already a cache called, smav3719’s cactus encounter (GC1H448). I was very careful to make sure that a new cache named OLdweeb’s cactus encounter, wouldn’t be necessary.

Fabrizio kept flying over streams.

Is it surprising that his GPS ended up underwater? At least he was able to confirm for all of us Oregon 400T owners that it’s waterproof. No drops got past the rubber seal.

We took a wrong turn after the last cache and ended up walking into a forest that became a jungle that became a swamp. The only things missing were leaches and alligators.

Knowing that we were only 500’ from, and paralleling, the main trail kept me from complaining too much. We bushwhacked through dense foliage and ankle deep water for about 20 minutes and emerged on the bone dry, dusty trail. From there it was a quick walk back to our cars. We visited 18 caches, replaced 3 and placed 2 new ones.


5 Responses to MAY 8, 2010 – Tujunga Wash

  1. […] OLdweeb has the scoop of our crossing of the river (and more): […]

  2. benh57 says:

    Thanks for replacing them..

    Looks like another cacher was out there placing GC2873C at the same time you guys were there.

  3. benh57 says:

    Ah, that was Reiner’s cache. That’s what i get for reading comprehension..

  4. chaosmanor says:

    I love reading your stories 🙂 Jim of the team went out with Webfoot a few years back and did about half of the caches that were out there at that time, but we didn’t have *nearly* as much “fun” (or whatever you call slogging through ankle-deep water) as you folks did! Haven’t been back since, but maybe we’ll have to schedule another visit, as it looks like a lot of f0t0m0m’s cache have been archived.

    BTW: we found a bird box back then, too, but it had something else in it, not a cowbird. The details had escaped me, and I did’t find any photos in my files, but Webfoot took one, which is posted to the old Bonus D cache. The bird was a sparrow of some type, or a towhee.

  5. […] are more great photos and angles on the day’s story on Pianofab’s blog AND on OLdweeb’s blog (Dweeb’s Diatribe), including a shot of me in the water. Oooo clicky clicky over and check ‘em […]

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