MAY 23, 2010 – Corral Canyon

GeoCraig posted a Corral Canyon hike on Though I’d been there less than a year ago, 15 new caches had appeared since then. I showed up at the designated meeting place at 7:30am and was shocked to see a huge group. Later I learned that Craig had cross posted the hike elsewhere. The car shuttle scramble to the West end trailhead went smoothly. Here’s less than half of the group. The rest were off to the sides unloading their packs or taking in the scenery.

We quickly found 3 caches to the West before starting eastward on the main hike. Near No Swimming (GCW5MH) there was a wrecked car. Don_J identified the pieces as a 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88.

The group of 23 was already starting to string out.

Spoondoggie found his milestone 1,000th cache Eagle’s Eye (GC1KTVE). L – Spoondoggie / R – his dad, Piquets.

Lightningstar walks the labrynth.

The view N toward Las Virgenes Canyon was exceptionally clear.

Someone authoritatively said, “The hike is mostly flat and downhill.” I knew better from past experience. Here’s the view ahead from near the hike’s midpoint.

I’d already found half of the caches on previous hikes so was able to pull far ahead of the group. This gave me the chance to find the new caches by myself and put my own dated sticker on the logs. Several hikers who didn’t RSVP through SFVgeocachers had earlier objected to my stickers because they wanted to save time by signing a group’s name, one to which I don’t belong. I was happier after finding several caches and stopped to wait for everyone. Here they are, 1 cache back.

Spoondoggie has a cache thrown back to him to re-hide. By this time I noticed that many people were using their own stickers and that a new innocuous ‘group name’ was being used by the remainder.

Foon (Alan) shuttled me back to the trailhead and my car. Many of the others went to look for a nearby earthcache. I drove down the hill to PCH and home. On the way I pulled over for a shot of the Malibu coastline.
The Memorial Day weekend is coming up. I can’t wait to see where the extra day of caching will take me.


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