JUNE 16, 2010 – San Francisquito Cyn Rd (Tribute Series)

At the SFVgeocachers meet & greet last week Don_J asked if anyone wanted to find the 20-cache Tribute Series by Yosemite John & Debbie. I jumped at the opportunity for a rare visit to the area and to try out my new replacement Oregon 450T. A few days later BWidget (Bill) drove us North on San Francisquito Canyon Road. Traffic was light and the caches were MOSTLY a few steps from roadside parking.

There were other caches in between the tributes. Butterfield Trail (GC1RJQH) was an easy 3 minute walk from this sign.

Lots of unpaved but drivable looking ‘roads,’ some with caches on them, tempted us to make side trips. But we mostly ‘stuck with the plan’ and noted the detours for future exploration. A side trip not taken: We got to within 130’ of a non-tribute cache below and decided to leave the drive-around descent for another day.

The tribute cache for Don was up a brushy hill. Me & Bill didn’t want to walk through the thistles. But Don couldn’t skip a cache hidden in this honor. He found it and held it up. Then he declined an in-person tribute from a 4’ rattlesnake and hurried down.

We didn’t do any bushwhacking below. The cache was reachable from the dirt road, only 20’ from parking.

Previous finder Bill stayed behind while me & Don hiked uphill to find Bouquet Side Staging (GCZXBF). Only 10’ from the cache there was a big open cardboard box neatly filled with clothes and personal belongings next to a makeshift bed. The resident wasn’t home. About 100’ farther, at the top, there was a nice view of Bouquet Reservoir. It’s another one that’s fenced off and closed to the public.

At the caches close to the reservoir we were swarmed by big black biting flies. They kept us alert. We rushed to make the finds, signed quickly and ran back to the vehicle. At each cache a few flies followed us inside. They seemed to realize their mistake right away and switched from biting us to trying to escape. A quick roll down of the windows and they were gone. After 6 hours, we were almost done. One of our last caches was near a scenic tower.

We ended the day with 36 caches (for me) and a late lunch at In-N-Out. I forgot that there was a, now squashed and semi-liquified, Milky Way bar in my pack.

At home, an hour in the freezer made it edible again.


One Response to JUNE 16, 2010 – San Francisquito Cyn Rd (Tribute Series)

  1. Elin Carlson says:

    Edible? lol
    Love the lake view.

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