JULY 15, 2010 – Whitney Canyon Park, W to E hike

I completed my 100 day caching streak on Friday, July 9. But what if I’d miscounted? So just in case, I found another cache on Saturday. And on Sunday afternoon I went to Whitney Canyon Park. From the Newhall Avenue (used to be San Fernando Road) trailhead I started uphill for the caches that’d popped up since my April 2006 visit to this part of the park. There are now 17 caches on the trail but I only needed to find 8.

The steady breeze kept the temperature in the low 80’s. And the best scenery was about 10 minutes in.

This was great because the West to East trail was uphill all the way (1,500’ gain). I appreciated the viewpoint benches and occasional flat topped concrete barriers. They were ideal places to rest without worrying about red ants.

My first target was Super Bowl Cache (GC23TA3). Like 5 of the 8 caches I found, it was reached by passing it and then backtracking on a side trail. The haze in the South made the hills resemble the San Fernando Valley GeoCachers’ logo.

I didn’t see much wildlife, just 1 squirrel a crow and some lizards. A big blue winged grasshopper smashed into my sunglasses. The plastic saved me from certain eye damage – just what I needed.

Here’s the only thing to see while continuing East, other than the upward trail.

This was the view ahead just beyond my easternmost find. Burnt Bush #5 (GC23TAP). There was snow here on my April 2006 visit. Not this time.

On the way back I found the 2 caches that I’d skipped going in. The hike was exactly 8 miles roundtrip. The resulting line of 17 smilies unbroken by green boxes made it all worthwhile.


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