JULY 22, 2010 – Manhattan Beach

A string of days with triple digit temperatures made going on a caching hike a bad choice. I didn’t want to go on another trip to Oxnard/Ventura either. The gc.com map of Manhattan Beach showed a good mix of unfound inland urban and Strand caches. I drove. Marty (tozainamboku) and another cacher who prefers to be unpictured did the routing and navigation. Our first find off of the 405* was a very familiar type in a very familiar type location.

Parking anywhere near the beach was impossible. Even the pay parking lots and metered spaces were full. But as cachers accustomed to long hikes, we didn’t mind the ½ mile downhill walk to the water.

Once at the beach we went North on the pedestrian path. The cache below was guarded by a snail. We were careful not to dislodge him.

We found 3 and DNF’d 1 along this stretch of The Strand. The view is from the middle of the Manhattan Beach pier.

We visited a small museum at the far end of the pier and gathered clues for a multi-cache. Then we walked to a 2 story restaurant for lunch. The picture below was taken from our table. The scenery made up for the inane babbling at the next table. “My sister wore a $10. wedding dress…When I went to France, in Barcelona I saw…” Argh!! We waited for our orders and calculated the coordinates for the last stage of the multicache Inmate Brando (GC12JMK).

This is why I’ve found only 1 cache that requires swimming in the ocean Whale Poop Island (GC1AEA).

After finding, touching but failing to retrieve the multi we walked back to the vehicle and drove to inland caches. One was on a quiet walkway connecting 2 residential areas. It gave us some trouble. We finally found the well hidden container and were walking away when a small voice behind us asked, “are you geocaching?” It was a 10 year old who then announced that he was the cache owner. In fact he owned most of the caches in the area. All of the ones we found had perfect coordinates and were very well placed. There wasn’t a single FVH (filthy vegetation hide). We cached until about 4pm and drove back to the valley drinking frappe’s and “wild fruit” smoothies.

* I’ve noticed that people from the east coast identify their freeways by number without adding “the” as a prefix. We say, “take the 405 to the 101.” They say, “take I-95 to I-91.” This is something from my subconscious that just surfaced.


5 Responses to JULY 22, 2010 – Manhattan Beach

  1. Janie Sue Nagy says:

    Enjoyed your description of geocaching in Manhattan Beach, CA. Knowing there are a number of caches locally may inspire me to give it a try. But I’m not sure I can deal with snails and FVH!

  2. sissopolis says:

    Ken, that’s a nice surprise to have met the young boy who placed all those caches! A $10 wedding dress?! Oh, my…that would ruin my lunch too. And yes, I’ve been teased plenty by my east coast friends for adding “the” when describing the freeways. : )

    • OLdweeb says:

      I remember that regional accents were more pronounced when I was younger. New students from Jawja and Nu Yohrk were mercilessly ridiculed. Though the leveling effects of shared mass media have made us sound more alike, subtle differences in vocabulary and turns of phrase keep things interesting for those who spot them. Try asking for cilantro in the Northeast and then respond to the blank expression with coriander.

  3. Webfoot says:

    Another thing we tend to do, at least here in California. How far is it to Disneyland? 40 minutes at least from my house. Distances are measured in time, not distance.

  4. EMC of Northridge, CA says:

    Yes, we venerate the freeways here with the definite article.

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