AUGUST 1, 2010 – Camarillo

August 1, 2010

It was July 31 and I needed 12 more finds to reach my monthly minimum goal of 100. I procrastinated until noon and then drove 25 miles to Camarillo. Approaching from the East on the 101, there’s no doubt when you’ve arrived. There used to be a small cache at the sign. The Premium Members Only cache that’s there now is big and fully stocked.

I’d hoped that the City of Camarillo sign would be a good hiking trailhead for caches to the East. But the entire street was lined with new looking “No Trespassing” signs blocking prime caching terrain. Some biking kids and a dog walker ignored those signs but I decided NOT to risk being the one who gets arrested. [:P]

So I drove to clusters of green boxes on my screen and stopped for lone caches along the way. There was one along this scenic eucalyptus lined residential walkway. Unfortunately, it was in vines on a backyard fence and someone coughing was very close by on other side. I moved on.

Here’s ground zero for a different backyard fence cache. This time the fence wasn’t the problem. In addition to the ivy, there was an occupied RV parked 15 feet away.

Despite all the FVHs (Filthy Vegetation Hides) there were still enough enjoyable “normal” caches in between for me to log 17 in 4 hours; my usual solo urban pace. Another no-hint micro (likely in the bushes) convinced me to go back to the SFV for my customary post caching Double-Double and fries.

After I finished my Double-Double and started logging my finds I saw that f0t0m0m, VKs and EMC of Northridge cached in the same area. Their stickers were last on some of the logs I signed but since they don’t date them I didn’t know that they’d been there the same day. As uber mega power cachers, they found about 100 caches. They can find as many caches in a few hours as I do in a normal month of weekend caching. I’m waiting to see how quickly they can find the entire 1,000 cache Extraterrestrial Highway series in Eastern Nevada.

STUFF: Capdude clued me in on some small neodymium magnets available locally. They’re 10 for $1.99 at Harbor Freight on Victory Boulevard in West Hills. The size of an aspirin tablet, they’re too small for my usual magnetized mint tin caches. I bought 2 packages anyway for some yet to be imagined cache containers.

As mentioned in a previous post, I’m a big fan of HD Vision sunglasses. Ignore the “HD” which is nonsensical marketing hype. They fit oversize heads like mine and actually do significantly improve sunlit vision by blocking the blue part of the spectrum. A few days ago I finally plonked down $9.99 at nerd heaven (Fry’s) and brought home the “Night Vision” version. This time I’m disappointed. The glasses add a slight orange tint. But there’s no discernable improvement or degradation to nighttime vision. Oh well. I’ll use the glasses as eye protection on night hikes. They’ll stop flying bugs and stray branches from poking my eyeballs.