SEPTEMBER 1, 2010 – something different

New green boxes are popping up all over on the map. But there’s been no convergence of free time and sufficient mental energy to go caching. As I sit here too tired to go out, I’ll look thru my caching photo library.

I’m always complaining about vegetation hides. A Wildwood Park cache in here would’ve had me ranting out of control. It was a good thing that the container was in the clear, nearby.

While caching in Manhattan Beach I found out where sunflower seeds come from. And no, they’re not salted at this point.

At a caching event I ordered kung pao chicken extra spicy. Despite the overabundance of peppers, there was surprisingly little heat in the dish. Picture by Roadkill.

In Griffith Park I found a nano cache in a drainage pipe covered by a snake skin.

Last week I drove past an exploded hydrant at Canoga & Califa in Woodland Hills. In the 110 degree heat, the firemen didn’t seem to be in a hurry to turn off the flow.

The 3 day weekend is coming up. I hope to break out of my malaise and find a lot of caches. See you on the trail – and good luck to those planning to cache the ET Highway in Eastern Nevada.


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