SEPTEMBER 4, 2010 – Long Beach

Long Beach is the part of Los Angeles County that I know the least about. A quick mid-afternoon trip there got me out of the valley heat. I arrived near the aquarium and convention center and immediately saw more walking muggles than I’ve ever seen outside of documentaries about China and India. Coupled with the utter lack of free or reasonably priced parking, even the lure of a dense 10 cache cluster wasn’t enough to keep me from driving away.

I ended up a ½ mile farther East at a small beachside parking lot. The ancient meters there charged 25 cents for 15 minutes. I had 4 quarters and a pocket full of unusable dollar coins. With only an hour on the meter I rushed to the nearest cache at this bus stop. The cache is placed so that it can be recovered unseen even when a dozen muggles are waiting.

Here’s the view from ground zero of the 2nd cache that I reached. The find should’ve been easy but I DNF’d.

Every vendor I asked along the way refused to exchange dollar coins for quarters, even if I bought something. So I had to run back to move my car at this point. I stopped to take a picture of 2 huge buildings, hotels &/or condos, I think.

The traffic and parking situation were better farther inland. I found about a dozen caches and especially recommend these 2:

Airplane Hill! (GCZ65D)
Long Beach Lifeguard Museum (GC1C9CE)

On the way home I passed a small fire in the Sepulveda Pass.

Monday = holiday. More caches, I hope.


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