SEPTEMBER 15, 2010 – MCSP & Killer Bees

I was invited to an early morning hike in Malibu Creek State Park (MCSP) on short notice. Though walking and talking, I was mostly asleep for the first few caches. So there are no pictures of the empty TWELVE DOLLAR parking lot or spooky foggy trails. A little later, as a prior finder I watched the group go up a steep hill for Pack 100 Malibu Creek Cache (GC19E5P).

We hiked the SE part of the park. We found caches and saw the remains of some old houses. This is the cache log signing at one of them.

There was no cache at this ancient fireplace. We checked it out anyway and then went uphill.

Shortly afterward the group split up. Me and Don_J continued on the trail while the others found C Bear’s Cache (GC14W2T). They tried a ridge top “shortcut” while I found a members-only cache with Don. From a convenient nearby resting spot we enjoyed the scenery and looked forward to visiting “rock pool” which is hidden in the bottom of the picture below.

We reached the Visitor Center and waited. The 4 shorcut hikers eventually staggered in with a wild tale of being swarmed and chased by marauding insects. In their panicked bushwhacking retreat they didn’t notice whether the bugs were bees or hornets. A stinger was pulled out of an earlobe so “killer bees” are strongly suspected. Here’s the group 20 minutes later, each with the number of times stung.

They’re smiling but the urge to continue onward to Rock Pool, Century Dam and M*A*S*H was gone and most of us went home.

Note: As always there’s free parking at Las Virgenes & Mulholland (get there early). But the hike-in access to the main part of the park (SE corner) is fenced off for native vegetation restoration.


6 Responses to SEPTEMBER 15, 2010 – MCSP & Killer Bees

  1. geocass says:

    Killer bees??? YIKES!

  2. albackore says:

    I’m not leaving the house ever again. You guys go ahead and cache without me. Game over, bees win.

  3. Elin Carlson says:

    The bee on the left is what I had in my hat. I was VERY lucky not to get stung. Yeow.

  4. Sissopolis says:

    I’m a bit paranoid of bees now too, even considering I only took one hit! I’ll be back in the game soon enough, but I’m glad to stay out of harm’s way for the moment! -Had fun with you all regardless of the swarm!

  5. […] There’s more of the story on OLdweeb’s Blog HERE. […]

  6. […] Bee behavior is a fascinating subject, and recently some other folks hiking nearby have also learned about it the hard way. […]

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