SEPTEMBER 23, 2010 – Hondo Canyon Trail (BBT)

This past weekend I tagged along with foomanjoo, forest22 and benandjayme as they closed in on completing the Spinal Tap (GC1C4Y4) Backbone Trail challenge. I finished the challenge in January 2009 but many new caches have appeared on the Backbone Trail BBT since then. I wanted to log some of those and get some exercise too. While waiting for the group at the Top of Topanga overlook a hungry rodent asked for a handout. (sorry – nothing from me)

We left a car at the upper parking lot on Entrada and shuttled in my Prius to the starting point Pole Caching Practice II (GCN0H2).

We started our “all downhill” hike.

Much of the trail was under canopied tree cover with sunlight streaming through gaps in the leaves. Without fill-flash, most of my pictures there “didn’t turn out.” Here’s one that sort of did. It’s benandjayme and foomanjoo waiting for forrest22 who’d backtracked to retrieve her forgotten hiking stick.

Jayme quickly found the very well placed cache here.

We reached the end of the Hondo Canyon Trail. As I’d expected I fell behind here at mile 6 of 7 where there’s an uphill continuing across Old Topanga. Then we crossed new Topanga toward benandjayme’s parked car. The group who are a ½ generation younger than me patiently waited while I hobbled up the steps cut into the trail. Fifteen years ago I used to RUN up and down these trails, often on night hikes. I hope to win the lotto, become unstressed, stop overeating and be able to do that again.

We found a few more caches. Forrest22 climbed a tree to retrieve one.

We reached Ben’s car and on the way back to my Prius we made another stop.

We found 1 more cache at The END :-).


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