OCTOBER 14, 2010 – Santa Rosa Valley

Every time I cached the Northern part of Wildwood Park in Thousand Oaks I saw agricultural fields and big houses down below. But until very recently there were few caches there and no incentive for me to visit. Then a bunch of green boxes appeared on the gc.com map. I still procrastinated because route planning is by far the weakest part of my caching skill set. Then Don_J mentioned that he wanted to cache the Santa Rosa Valley too. Fine, let Don do the routing!! A few days later, we were there.

A big line of green boxes turned out to be residential hides directly in front of multimillion dollar homes. To avoid problems with paranoid residents we skipped these caches and dropped back south to Santa Rosa Road…and…immediately DNF’d the cache near this crosswalk button for the super tall. 😛

This is the view south toward Wildwood Park. Many hiking caches are waiting to be found there on another day, another trip.

Continuing west we looked for a cache in a bottlebrush tree. We moved carefully around all the bees. There’ve been at least 3 recent bee attacks on local cachers. As soon as the buzz of THESE bees changed pitch we abandoned the search.

There were several easy park & grab caches along the scenic road.

Then we turned left onto a single lane road and worked our way South, pulling over and finding more caches. We crossed a bridge (yes – there was a cache on it) and passed a free parking lot & picnic area. We stopped when the road turned private (utility company) and found Let’s Triassic (GC1VC50) at the trailhead there. Back at home now, I see that there are 9 unfound (by me) caches up the steep switchbacked trail. I’m going back soon.

Running short of caches to find, we reexamined a map printout and drove North, back through the residential caches to Presilla Road. There were huge houses there as well but the cache placements were much better, in places that wouldn’t arouse immediate suspicion when visited.

My So Cal bird books say that roadrunners are rare. Even so I see a few every year. This one was a few feet from a very well disguised cache, Heavenly Shades of Night are Falling (GC1HWE1).

Here’s a view north into Moorpark.

We found some caches under discs like this. They were magnetized Altoids tins. Predictably, they were wet and slimy even on the insides. Thanks for the easy points though.

We ended our geo-day with Don laying on the top of a 30 foot diameter drainage pipe and blindly reaching under the lip for a cache.

Here’s the view from below just after Don put the container back. If you’re afraid of heights or aren’t extremely surefooted, this is NOT the cache for you!!

We found 30 caches in a ½ day. Thanks Don for routing & navigating and thanks to Majorjarhead for hiding most of the caches that we found.


One Response to OCTOBER 14, 2010 – Santa Rosa Valley

  1. christine lorenz says:

    As usual, I enjoyed your blog, Ken! Sounds like a good time!

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